1 in 4 French people continue to pirate films, series and music

Marked by double confinement, the year 2020 will have impacted the consumption of cultural-type goods of the French. Especially in March 2020 when, unable to do anything else, they sat on the couch watching TV. Not surprisingly, piracy will have increased during this period but, according to Hadopi, it is stabilizing.

A quarter of the French are a pirate

If during confinement, according to the High Authority for the dissemination of works and the protection of rights on the internet (Hadopi), the number of internet users who have engaged in illicit practices has increased to 28% (during the fourth week of confinement in March 2020), the Barometer of the consumption of dematerialized cultural goods 2020 published on February 11, 2021 shows above all an increase and an intensification. “ On average in 2020, 26% of Internet users report illegal practices », Writes Hadopi.

But all cultural productions are not in the same boat: it is films and series that will see their illicit consumption increase by 11% over one year in 2020, just like films. The inability to go to the cinema has undoubtedly had its role to play, as has the proliferation of original series on SVOD platforms.

The price of the legal offer remains the major obstacle for Internet users

If the government hopes that the French are opting more and more for the legal offer, it remains too expensive and continues to fragment. Several platforms have also announced increases for 2021, which may not solve the problem. Because for 46% of Internet users who practice pirating, the price is the main obstacle to the passage to the legal offer. Of course, this share has been falling steadily since 2017, but it remains high. For 39% of those questioned, the content of the legal offer is a problem.

However, Hadopi underlines an increase in the budget dedicated to the monthly expenditure of dematerialized cultural goods, of all types: the average basket rises by 1 euro, in 2020, and reached 30 euros, are the highest level since 2016.

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