10 dangerous foods for your dog not to feed

To prevent your dog from health problems, including digestive problems, it is imperative to know the list of foods that should not be given to him.


Although for humans chocolate is a real treat and a delicacy, for dogs it can become poisonous. Chocolate is actually made up of theobromine which has a diuretic effect and stimulates the heart rate. By consuming it, the dog can develop hyperactivity, have diarrhea and vomit all over the place. As the heart beats faster, this can represent a real danger for the animal, especially if it is very active and does a lot of physical activity.


In the list of dangerous foods for your dog, the onion is at the top. This food is composed of allyl and propyl disulfide which destroy red blood cells. Consequence: oxygen is poorly conveyed in the blood and the animal develops significant breathing problems.


Garlic is also dangerous, although less so than onion. It contains what is called thiosulfate which is toxic. Poisoning can occur if the dog consumes a high amount of it.

The alcohol

Do not dare to give alcoholic drinks or foods containing alcohol to your dog. Some kind of disorientation can occur in the animal. Worse still, the latter becomes nervous and especially aggressive. He can start attacking people around him and you will have no control over that. Death can also occur, because alcohol in large amounts causes increased heart rate and respiration and inhibition of the central nervous system.

Cooked bones

Dogs can eat bones, but not just all bones. Cooked bones are already strongly discouraged. They tend to be softer than raw bones. They can then puncture the stomach, cause choking or get caught in the dog’s teeth and cause injury due to the sharp edges of the bones. Be careful, avoid rabbit or chicken bones at all costs, which break too easily. Beef cartilage is best if you want to give it bones.


Yet another food that you should absolutely avoid in your dog. Whether fresh or dried, grapes cause serious kidney damage and intestinal problems. Because of their size, they can also cause your pet to suffocate and even clog his intestines.


Pancreatitis, vomiting, stomach pains… these are just a few examples of disorders that can appear in dogs when they consume a lot of avocado. This is due to the high fat content in this fruit.

The tuna

As tuna contains a high level of salt, it can cause heart problems and also affect the kidneys.

The mushrooms

Mushrooms are filled with several toxins that the dog might not be able to handle. He may seize while consuming this food and worse, may die from it.

Cat food

Do not be tempted to give your dog cat food. Pates and other croquettes are rich in fat and protein that your doggie will not be able to assimilate. He may even have pancreatitis.