10 decorative ideas for a modern teenage bedroom

To rethink the decoration of a teenage room, it is enough to proceed in stages. First you need to look at the walls, then maybe change the place of your bed – and possibly the matching covers, blankets and cushions. Finally move the furniture, if necessary replace them. Then add storage areas. Before you end up equipping yourself with accessories. The idea being that your bedroom or that of your teenager is the exact reflection of her personality.

1 – Choose a color palette

Before you start imagining your bedroom layout, choose a color palette. Sure, pick a color you like, but make sure you don’t get bored of it quickly. And then, you probably want a cool and fun bedroom for you or your teenage girl, but don’t forget that it is fashionable to find sleep there! Do not choose shades intended to energize you, rather to soothe you and relax you.

For a feminine room, go for soft wall colors and brighter colored accessories. For a relaxed vibe, choose to combine a dark blue or purple with a white or cream. Be daring by betting on the black, white and red trio or on a tropical vibe that mixes bright pinks and deep oranges.

What works well in general are fairly light tones on the walls and the floor and hints of bright colors here and there given by the objects that come to polish the decoration (a cushion, a candle, a rug, etc.) . You can also paint one wall completely in a fairly bright color, but not on all four walls, it can get overwhelming quickly.

You can find inspiration online, using sites like Pinterest, reading design magazines, visiting home goods or furniture stores, or even watching TV shows that have the topic decoration and design.

2 – Highlight a point of the room

Do you have a lot of elements to combine, a lot of furniture? Do not be discouraged ! Pick an element or place in the room, such as a corner that you can bring out with color – paint or wallpaper. You create a point that calls for attention. So the rest can merge into a harmonious unity.

If you have a small space but a big personality, you can also make a giant mural or go for an overly large decoration. It could be a wallpaper, wall decal, or a collection of different sized frames. The main thing is that all this does not encroach on precious floor space.

3 – invest the ceiling

The ceiling is a great place for your teenage girl to really ‘let go’ – abstract paintings, posters, or even glow-in-the-dark stars are all great options that make the ceiling an interesting and full of personality. bedroom.

4 – Hang up a poster, a poster, a painting

Hang something on the wall you just painted, like the poster for your favorite movie or music group. Look for visuals that will harmoniously match their colors and styles to those of your wall and bedspread. To make a poster more elegant, place it in a frame or hang it with wire instead of just gluing or nailing it to the wall. And not too much: limit yourself to one large element per wall or two smaller ones placed separately.

5 – Hang pictures

For an even more intimate touch and to personalize your walls, frame and hang some of your favorite photos of your friends and family. Optionally buy a bulletin board and paste pictures, drawings and memorabilia. You can also use a small magnetic board or whiteboard to hang up photos and jot down notes and thoughts. If cork doesn’t pack you too much, personalize the board by covering it with fabric, which you can staple at the back. Or you also have the solution of painting an entire wall or part of a wall with magnetic board paint. You will be able to write messages and put up photos or posters without damaging the wall.

6 – Create a cocooning space with rugs and cushions

Get a plush rug and cushions to create a cozy space, unless you have room for a comfy chair or sofa. You can create a comfortable reading nook by adding a lamp to brighten up the space.

7 – Add a mirror

Do you want to choose a great outfit for yourself every morning? Hang a mirror in your bedroom. In addition, it will make it more spacious. You can place it on the back of the door or on a closet door.

8 – think about the light

Hang string lights to add a soft glow to your room. Use them to decorate a plain wall or add soft lighting to your room. You can create a slightly designer shape from the garlands themselves, or you can simply string them to a wall with tape and push pins. Run the lights through your headboard for easy reading, or adjust them across the top of your room.

9 – Install storage spaces

Think organization above all. The life of a teenage girl is busy. We take things out and put them away. Your room must be kept tidy so that you can find everything. Especially if your space is small. You can choose hanging shelves to add storage options. If you are short of desk or closet space for photos, knickknacks or books, this is an ideal solution, both aesthetic and practical. Nothing prevents you from making them rather than buying them ready-made in a store. Either way, keep your life organized and in the right direction: no to too much mess!

10 – Bring nature in

Bring nature into your teenage daughter’s bedroom: decorate it with plants. Even rooms without natural light can accommodate plants, just ask a professional who can advise you.

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