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10 games for children to install in the garden

10 games for children to install in the garden

If your kids are dragging their feet when you send them out for fun, it’s best to plan a few facilities that they won’t be able to resist! Fortunately, there are all kinds of games to have a good time in the garden, alone or with others. Here is a best of the 10 most popular facilities for children. It’s up to you to choose from this selection those that correspond to their age or the size of your garden …

1 – The sandbox: long live the patrol!

What could be more natural for a little one than having fun in the sand? As soon as they know how to sit, children can spend hours dipping their handcuffs in the sand! Handle, dig, let it flow through your fingers, crush, start over … A little sand and the little ones are in paradise! And if you don’t have a beach nearby, set up a sandbox in your backyard. This equipment is suitable for children from 9 months to 6 years old.

You can opt for a simple plastic bin. But this material is not durable and you will have to shelter it in bad weather. However, if you appreciate its bright colors and being able to move it around your garden, the plastic bin is for you.

The installation in the year of a wooden bin has many advantages:

  • Its wood being treated, it stays in the garden in all weathers. But the little ones love to patrol all year round! In shorts or a sweater, no season prevents you from building sandcastles …
  • Strong and durable, it is much more environmentally friendly.
  • It has several sizes. A large bin is preferable so that several children can play in it without hindrance.
  • As it has no bottom, water does not stagnate in the sand, which the rain naturally cleans up.
  • Often equipped with a bench, the little ones can sit comfortably there.

2 – The swing: hair in the wind, eyes closed.

From the cradle, all children love to swing. Children, but also teens and even parents! Install a swing in your garden and your children will say thank you – the only requirement is to have enough space. In addition to the floor space of the gantry, plan a circulation space of two meters all around. The advantage of the gantry is that it offers several types of swings and can adapt to different ages. Often equipped with individual swings and a face-to-face, you can also choose a model with a secure basket for the little ones or apparatus for the older ones …

There are two types of portal frames: metal or wood. More robust, the wooden portico has aesthetics and durability going for it. Properly maintained, it will be able to amuse your children for a long time… and your grandchildren! As to metal gantry, it is less expensive and lighter. In the long run, however, care must be taken to ensure that rust does not weaken it.

3 – The wooden cabin, everyone at home

Make way for the most unbridled imagination! Many children dream of a small space just for them, a small house to their size – forbidden to adults. The wooden cabin is the ideal place where you can retire with a stock of comics, imagine the craziest adventures or welcome friends for endless games.

Choose the size of the cabin according to the age and the number of children who will be using it. There are all kinds of them, from the single-storey cabin to the small cabin on stilts… You will even find the cabin to install in a tree! Either way, it will be the setting for great secrets and good childhood memories. And when your teenagers have forgotten it, you can still store garden tools there.

4 – The trampoline: always higher!

This is an activity that is both fun and sporting and entertains the family all year round! Jumping and bouncing on a trampoline, those who have tried can’t get enough of it. And since it amuses both young and old, it is better to plan a family trampoline. You just need to choose a model suitable for the weight of the adults (some are designed to support a load of 100 kg) and select the diameter corresponding to your needs and the surface you have in the garden. Provide a pass-through surface of 2 m around and a clear height of 7 m. Be careful not to install it near a tree whose branches are overhanging.

Safety is essential for this sports equipment. To avoid falls, choose a protective net that is high enough. The height varies depending on the age and size of the jumpers. To stabilize the trampoline, secure it securely to the ground.

5 – The slide: wahouuuuu!

“Mom look, I’m sliding!” »At the age of 2, we begin to experience the joy of sliding. And then it continues for years, up to 10 years. It is certain, the pleasure of wearing the bottom of his pants on a toboggan is transmitted from generation to generation. So what could be more natural than installing one in your garden?

In wood or metal, there are different forms of slides (straight, with wave, etc.), or combined with a frame. For the little ones, certain criteria are important such as the presence of a ramp and a bar to stay on the platform. Remember to set up a comfortable, grassy or sandy landing area.

6 – The zip line: not even afraid!

This installation invented by the mountaineers gives the impression of flying a bit… and the children love it! If you have two large trees in your garden, you can use them as attachment points for a zip line. Rest assured, this does not damage them in any way. You will find zip line kits with a cable of 30 to 60 m and the necessary fixing material. If you are a handyman, install a starting platform in a tree, more pleasant to get started.

If your garden doesn’t have big enough trees, that’s no reason to go without a zip line! You can replace them with two wooden modules that you can install and space according to the desired length. It’s a bit more expensive, but this will allow you to choose the perfect spot for your zipline.

7 – The basketball hoop: full ball

Set up a basketball hoop and your kids won’t stop jumping like Michael Jordan! It is both fun and sporty equipment that it would be a shame to do without if you have children with ants in their legs. They can train easily if they already play basketball, or just have fun “making baskets”.

A height-adjustable basket adapts to the age and size of your children. You can choose a basket with a ballast system to stabilize it, and leave it outside all year round without any problem. You can also opt for a panel basket to be fixed to the wall (cheaper), but you will no longer be able to adjust the height.

8 – The football cage: tailor-made mini-goal

Do your children like to play ball? Set up a goal cage for them to prepare for the World Cup! With or without friends, shooting in a goal is a sport that allows you to let off steam but also to exercise your skill and concentration. To the point !

The choice is great among the models offered. You must already choose a size of football cage adapted to the age of your children. In metal, steel or aluminum, it can withstand the most powerful shots. As for the net, it is better if it is sturdy if you have bigger children. Finally, ensure the stability of the cage by fixing it correctly to the ground.

9 – The picnic table: finally quiet

How lucky to have a garden table to have a snack outside… And why not to play there for hours? Now is the time to set up a beautiful, child-sized wooden table. All year round, the table will be the perfect place to enjoy a snack or a game, or simply sit down with a book.

The strongest tables are made of wood and have two benches. They are sometimes equipped with a parasol, which is very useful on sunny days, when the children cannot see the time passing. For the youngest, there are also tables that hide compartments under a cover, ready to transform into a sandbox or paddling pool. They risk forgetting snack time …

10 – The multi-activity playground: all in one

If you don’t have too much room in your garden, you can always set up a multi-activity station. It concentrates various games in a single gantry. Slide, hut, swing, climbing … Different models exist which offer different activities. You choose. These areas can accommodate several children at the same time, generally from 3 to 12 years old. This kind of station stimulates the imagination; all adventures will find room there.

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