10 good reasons to have a cat at home!

You are strongly thinking of adopting as a pet. Between dog and cat, your heart swings. You value the cat for its independence, but fear that it will give you little affection. It would be good to ignore this feline, happy to share your home.

Stop clichés, tomcats are loving animals. They will be delighted to have a human and you will be delighted to have a cat. They will make you laugh out loud sometimes, they will make you go crazy other times, but they will always bring something extra to your life.

Reason # 1: the cat is clean

Reason number one to have a cat, often acclaimed by the owners, it is a perfectly clean animal. As long as he has been raised with his mother in good conditions, he knows how to go to the litter from an early age, and cleanliness is acquired from his 1 or 2 months.

No damage to deplore on your carpets, your fabric furniture or your curtains, your cat will do exclusively in his crate, even outside if he is used to going out. The only thing you have to do is always offer him a clean litter box so that he feels comfortable in it to defecate.

Reason 2: the cat is independent

The cat is an autonomous animal, which will not blame you for being away from morning to night to go to work. He spends most of his time sleeping – around 16 hours a day – and won’t hold a grudge if you give him some calm.

Of course, it is not a question of abandoning him or leaving him locked up for several days without human contact, but simply of reassuring him by finding him at a fixed time, he will be all the more happy to see his master.

Reason 3: the cat is calming

The cat fills a room with its presence, it is reassuring and soothing. It is not uncommon to hear him purr when you approach to stroke him, a real purring therapy that is good for morale.

In addition, he understands very well the states of mind of his master, and knows perfectly how to show you his presence in the moments when you need it most. To try a cat is to adopt it.

Reason 4: the cat is playful

Your furball has more than one trick up its sleeve to get out of all the sometimes preposterous situations it gets into. Playful and facetious, he sometimes runs like crazy around the house, or even puts his head in a box.

Lively and lively, he will enjoy playing sessions with you, and you will be amazed by his speed, agility and intelligence. Maintain with him moments dedicated to the game, he will be a blooming tomcat.

Reason 5: the cat is a hunter

If your cat is playful, it is because of course he needs to exercise, but also because he has retained some of his wild instinct. Excellent hunter by nature, even at night, he will know how to keep pests away from your home.

A mouse or a rat in your garage? Let go of kitty, he will be delighted to give you a hand claw and rid the floor of all kinds of rodents. Thank him for his prey, it is his special way of contributing to family life.

Reason # 6: the cat is silent

A cat meows certainly, but it is rare. If he does, it’s more to get your attention, either because his bowl is empty, or because he would like more attention, or because he saw a bird pass out of his reach.

But in any case, a cat does not bark. Your peace is preserved, and that of the neighbors too. A significant advantage when you live in an apartment or in a subdivision of terraced houses.

Reason # 7: the cat is cuddly

That’s right, your cat doesn’t always party to you. Although, he sometimes impatiently awaits your coming and will know how to show you his affection by rubbing his legs when you come home.

But if he feels like it, you’ll be surprised at the hugs he can give you in moments of calm. Snuggled up on your sofa to watch your favorite series, Minou will climb onto your knees to purr at full length.

Reason 8: the cat requires little space

It does not matter whether you have a small or a large house, a cat knows how to be satisfied with the place that is offered to him, as long as he has a dining area, a cleanliness area and a storage area. rest.

So don’t hesitate, whether you live in a studio, a triplex or a large house in the countryside, the cat knows how to adapt to its environment and is satisfied with the warmth of a home.

Reason n ° 9: the cat requires little maintenance

In comparison to a dog, the cat more rarely goes to the veterinarian and often has less fragile health. But that’s not all, you don’t have to take him out at a set time or go soak outside to defecate.

In addition, your cat does not need grooming. He knows how to clean himself perfectly, no more shampoo sessions that turn your bathroom into a battlefield, or appointments to the groomer that reduce the thickness of your wallet.

Reason 10: the cat lives a long time

A cat that has been taken care of, benefiting from an adapted diet throughout its life and regular care, lives on average 15 years if it is sterilized. Indeed, cats and whole cats have a lower life expectancy.

But it is not uncommon for your companion, to whom you are now very attached, to live in his twenties, and simply die of old age, surrounded by all your love.