10 ideas to decorate your home at a smart price and without breaking the bank

Do you dream of a beautiful interior but without breaking the bank? We give you 10 tips to achieve it. Because nothing beats the feeling of a new decoration. You enter your home and you have the impression of rediscovering your interior. For a decoration of your home at a smart price, here are some ideas to avoid breaking the bank. Before you head out shopping to buy something new, instead see if there’s anything on this list that inspires you. To decorate on a low budget, we advise you to:

1 – Change the color of your interior

Repainting a room or changing the wallpaper is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to change the atmosphere almost instantly. You don’t have to repaint all the walls. Only the focus can be on one wall. This gives it uniqueness and creates a different cachet than the one that existed previously.

2 – Offer you a work by a rising artist

Granted, you may not be able to afford a Matisse, a Picasso or a Basquiat, but you can undoubtedly invest in young talent. Have a look at art schools or discover rising artists. You could find beautiful original art at still affordable prices. On a budget, just consider framing one of your travel photos nicely.

3 – Invest in the furniture that is essential to you

If you make heavy use of your sofa, don’t skimp on this expense. Indulge yourself by choosing a comfortable, aesthetic and quality sofa. Conversely, if you have side tables or side furniture, save when buying them. The same goes for rugs, for example. Buying a sisal rug will always be cheaper than buying a large, heavy wool rug.

4 – Rearrange all of your rooms

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to transform a space without spending a penny. Start by getting rid of the superfluous. If you’ve crowded, clean it up. Change the way you organize your books on your shelves. Arrange your works of art differently. Consider putting flowers in your vases. And change some pieces of furniture. You might be surprised at the versatility of your furniture. A chair, a storage can sometimes enhance the decoration of a room, when you did not even think about it. In short, get the most out of your coins.

5 – opt for second hand

Allow yourself the flea market, flea markets, antique shops and garage sales. All these places are full of unique pieces just waiting to take pride of place in your home. Some are perfect as is while others can be easily refurbished or customized with a coat of paint or light embellishment.

6 – Think about Do It Yourself (DIY)

Instead of spending huge sums of money on expensive graphic wallpaper, create your own with paint and a cute stencil. Enough to make tailor-made products at a lower price for maximum effect. You can also repaint your front door in a slightly bold shade. Yellow or green are pretty unexpected, right? This makes you a brand new door that can give your exterior decoration a boost. In the same vein, you can repaint your ceiling. What if instead of repainting it white, you opted for a different color? Another idea: take pictures from last year’s calendar and frame them in a wall of frames of the same size. You can also take those visuals that you like and place them between a large glass plate and your table. Of course, you can add photos, postcards or fabric, etc.

7 – Renew your accessories

Finally, there are many elements to renew easily: door handles, knobs for living room, kitchen and bathroom furniture. You can also replace the shades of your lights. Or change all your cushion covers. All you need is new colors, new patterns and presto this new print will give life to your sofa!

8 – Change of atmosphere

Do you want a soft and zen interior? Sprinkle it with candles for a greater feeling of comfort and subdued light. Additionally, candle light tends to embellish by creating a light that magnifies any flaws. Do you want to breathe better and bring nature into your home? Introduce some greenery. Treat yourself to a bouquet of fresh flowers, a fruit basket and you will live according to the seasons. That said, remember that the content is important, but do not neglect the containers, they are also the ones that give a new charm to your home.

9 – Replace your doormat

Here too you can try the homemade. Buy a neutral doormat, the most classic, plain. And paint a pattern or a message in its center. It won’t cost you much, except a paintbrush, black paint and a simple, inexpensive doormat.

10 – Choose a new shower curtain

It is arguably one of the cheapest ideas. For renewal in our bathroom, change the shower curtain. Plain, patterned, it dresses your bathroom in the blink of an eye!

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