10 indicators of good health in cats

Is your cat healthy? If you can read the signs that everything is going well with Minet, it will be easier for you to spot any possible health problems. How do you know if your cat is in great shape? Here are ten indicators, physical and behavioral, to reassure you about your cat’s health.

1 – A lively and clean eye

Here is a sign that does not deceive. Does your cat have shiny eyes, a lively and luminous gaze, a clean eye area? Everything is fine. A glassy, ​​sad and dreary gaze signals a problem.

2 – The shiny coat

A healthy cat has soft, silky, shiny fur that is great to stroke. The absence of dandruff is also a good sign. Some cats have a naturally rough, rustic coat, but a health problem can lead to a change in the coat. Pat your cat often is the best way to spot a possible change in the health of his coat. If it gets dull, dry, or brittle, you’ll need to be concerned.

3 – The healthy and odorless ear

Your cat’s ear is a particularly sensitive organ. Very exposed, his ears can be affected by various diseases (ear infections, infections) or parasites such as ear mites … If your cat’s ears are clean, without earwax or odors, this is a significant sign of good health. At the slightest abnormal sign in the ear, or if you see your cat shaking her head or scratching her ears frantically, take matters into your own hands to avoid complications. An untreated ear infection is painful and could make your poor cat half-deaf.

4 – pink gums

Your cat’s oral health is essential. Good breath, clean teeth and pretty pink gums, and healthy lips are all signs of Minet’s overall good health. The color of the gums is a good indicator: if they take on a whitish or bluish appearance, your cat has a health problem. As for the teeth, they should not be covered with dental plaque or tartar. If so, brushing your teeth would help. It is also an opportunity to revise your diet.

5 – A stable weight

When your cat is well, her weight does not change. A healthy cat feeds and drinks properly. You quickly see his appetite in the way he purrs and rubs against your legs as soon as you prepare his meal … That he likes to eat (but not to excess) is a sign that he has sufficient physical activity and adequate food to his needs. A properly nourished cat usually exhibits good energy in its games and outdoor activities. If your cat began to lose weight or gain weight, following a loss of appetite or, on the contrary, bulimia, this could indicate an illness.

6 – A beautiful vitality

A healthy cat puts a lot of energy into playing, exploring its territory and showing its pleasure in life on all occasions. Of course, your cat may lose a bit of zest as they get older, that’s normal. But he remains curious, always up for a little hunting trip or ready to express his good humor in one way or another. This beautiful energy is a sign of good health. So if Minet climbs the curtains, rejoice in his vitality!

7 – A daily toilet

Your cat spends a long time grooming itself every day. It is a healthy occupation, which reveals a perfectly healthy cat. A small feline who is doing well devotes time to his personal hygiene. He even goes so far as to lick his neighbor on occasion. You should be concerned if your cat stops cleaning himself completely, or if, on the contrary, he is spending an abnormal amount of time on the toilet. In both cases, it hides a health problem.

8 – regular bowel movements

A glance at the litter box tells you about Minet’s good health. No problem if his droppings are well molded, hard and brown in color. But a change in the color and consistency of stool should alert you. If they become grayish, limp, or your cat has urine that is yellower or clearer than normal, or with streaks of blood, see a veterinarian right away.

9 – Good sleep

A normally constituted cat does not skimp on naps. Your little feline usually sleeps sixteen hours a day, alternating between drowsiness, napping and deep sleep. This ability to regenerate and save energy through sleep is perfectly normal. In cats, a health problem can manifest as a change in their sleep pattern. If your more nervous and restless cat goes to sleep much less, this is a sign of illness. Sleeping a lot more can be a symptom of a fever. In either case, see a veterinarian.

10 – Zero change

A sign of good health, your cat’s behavior is usually playful, curious, lively … With you, he establishes a relationship of trust, which is expressed through many games, hugs, mewy dialogues … in short, everything you like about your dog. cat. As long as he doesn’t change, all is well. This also applies to a cat with a more independent or wild character. What matters is that he is equal to himself. What is abnormal is a sudden change in behavior, whatever it is. Unusual behavior can hide illness or trauma, so it is good to be concerned.