10 mistakes not to make when designing your living room

The living room is undoubtedly one of the most used rooms in your home. It is a place that has different functions. Sometimes it’s a room for family gatherings, sometimes it’s a relaxing place to read a book, and sometimes it’s a cozy place to watch TV or do homework. It is therefore no wonder that many people find it difficult to ensure that everything is arranged optimally.

Interior designers spend their lives studying the little details that make a room perfect. A well-decorated living room should be both attractive and comfortable. What are the basics of design and in other words what are the layout errors that can affect a living room like the living room? Here’s a spotlight on 10 potential decorating mistakes. The most common to avoid.

Make your salon a showroom

The very definition of a living room is to be a living room. And who says life, says movement. Don’t make your living room an exhibit that you might find pictured in a furniture catalog. If your living room is too precious for you to spend time in, then you’ve missed something. Let someone tell you that your living room seems straight out of a magazine, okay, if the person telling you is sitting comfortably between the cushions of your sofa and feels that your room is good to live in and all around. made suitable for the conveniences of everyday life. To go elsewhere in this direction, select textiles and rugs that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday life.

Choose disproportionate furniture

It is about a living room. And who says life, says harmony! Try not to opt for furniture that is disproportionate to each other. If your coffee table is bigger than your sofa, you’re not going to be fine. If you have a large living room, you can afford a spacious sofa. For small living rooms, a two-seater sofa and a pair of armchairs are preferable. You can perfectly combine eras and styles, but when mixing new and vintage elements, pay attention to the height of the furniture, as traditional furniture is usually taller than modern pieces. Measure everything! Height, length, space required, leave nothing to chance to make your living room as harmonious as possible.

Neglect the lighting

To make your living room a living space, let in light. Lighting creates an atmosphere. It has to take into account your mood, so that the living room cannot settle for a single point of light in the center of your room. Add extra lighting to it. Create your own system by opting for reading lights, wall sconces, floor lamps, ceiling lights, etc.

Be attached to a single style

To follow a “monostyle”, to focus on a single color, it is undoubtedly to make your decoration monotonous. And who wants a boring living room? If you favor a certain interior style and don’t let any other punctuation or hint of craziness appear, your room loses heat and becomes very mundane. Mix your favorite style with others. Does your home have traditional moldings? Opt for example for contemporary furniture and African rugs.

Badly distribute furniture in space

Who says you have to place a sofa against a wall? If you have the option of placing your sofa away from the wall, then do so. You visually expand the space and create comfort. A large room with a sofa stuck to the wall is more like a dance studio than a living room. The designers agree on this point: a large living room begins with a large sofa. In a living room, a good sofa is the key to comfort, but it is also essential to the look of the room.

Choosing the wrong size rug

Large rugs can seem expensive. But some small rugs create an imbalance in a room. So make sure you choose the right size of rug for your living room. A large carpet visually extends the space and completes an interior decoration. Reserve the small sized rugs for a bedroom – next to a bed, your kitchen, or your hallway.

Underestimate the effect of cushions

Sofa cushions create a warm and relaxed atmosphere. When choosing them, consider whether their material and texture is a good match for the fabric your sofa and armchairs are covered with. For small furniture, choose small cushions. Conversely, a massive sofa can accommodate several large cushions.

Keep old-fashioned furniture

We are not talking about vintage but rather furniture, covers, curtains, etc. out of fashion. Yes, some furniture is trendy. Bulky furniture with bulky backrests and armrests are, except in some cases, long out of fashion. You can choose a traditional sofa, but go for an unexpected color. Once changed, armchair and sofa covers can transform an entire room and make your design sleek and modern.

Not hanging up your curtains properly

If your curtains are hung poorly, your room will visually appear smaller. It is important to hang your curtains as high and as far apart as possible so that your ceilings look higher and your living room larger. Choose a curtain color that is lighter than the rest of the textiles in the room. The idea is always to give your living room an open feeling.

Badly exposing your works of art

If you badly hang your paintings on your walls, for example, we will only see them. But not for the right reasons. In most cases, wall art should be hung at eye level. Obviously, this does not apply if your ceilings are really low and if you are really tall. Whatever happens, a living room demands a point of attention. It can be a work of art but also a fireplace, a mirror, wallpaper, etc.

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