10 trends that Kardashians brought back to fashion

The klan sisters have dictated style and fashion over time. They brought back giant bags, fringes, and gloss from early 2010.

If there is one thing that no one can deny, it is the service that Kardashians paid to the mass of the curvy body population. Before they began to be in the spotlight, the aesthetic canon was quite different and, thanks to the way of extolling their own curves, they implanted a change in the imaginary that revolutionized society.

They also dictated some fashion and beauty trends from a decade ago, like XXL bags, bangs, and gloss, which had been long forgotten.

And today, their empire is such that the product they launch or promote runs out in minutes, so it is not surprising that the trends that have rescued these past seasons have been put into practice since we saw them.

We refer, for example, to the middle part and the ‘athleisure’ style, which we were fleeing very recently. But we also talk about other ‘fashionistas’ aspects that you may not have fallen for: yes, they came to you because of them.

Do you want to know which ones?


  1. The hair split in the middle. We were used to always using our hair to the side.
  2. The athleisure style: training clothes, loose and informal pieces.
  3. The shoes. Goodbye shoes!
  4. The curvy body. They changed the aesthetic canon.
  5. Fleshy lips. More and more.
  6. The marked eyebrows and a good eyeliner!
  7. Colored wigs.
  8. Super big nails.
  9. The tight and tight hairstyles.
  10. Cycling shorts. Kim was one of the forerunners of that outfit.
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