11 kW charging station: when to choose this wallbox? What price ?

Are you the brand new owner of an electric vehicle or are you seriously considering investing in this type of clean car like more and more French people? From an environmental point of view and in terms of energy savings, you are making the right choice.

Once your electric vehicle is in your possession, you will also need to purchase equipment to be able to charge your vehicle if you wish to benefit from this functionality at your home. You can, of course, use a simple electrical outlet in your home. But, for more performance and safety, it is better to turn to the purchase of a wallbox, a charging station very easy to install at home. Different wallboxes, which differ in particular according to their power (from 7 to 50 kW), are available on the market. Let’s take a look at the 11 kW wallbox here. For what uses? How much does it cost ? Our explanations.

The characteristics of the 11 kW wallbox charging station

The wallbox is part of the category of charging stations that an individual can acquire and install at his home to be able to charge his electric vehicle in peace. A much more efficient and secure charging solution than using a simple household electrical outlet. A wallbox makes it possible to recharge their electric vehicle much more quickly, a significant advantage for their owners.

There are different types of wallbox charging stations which differ in particular according to their power. It is thus possible to find on the market wallboxes of 7 kW, 11 kW, 22 kW or 50 kW.

Even if it is not the most powerful, the 11 kW wallbox is a charging station that offers high performance, especially compared to the 7 kW wallbox. When the latter allows an electric vehicle to be recharged in 8 hours on average (almost a day for certain models of electric vehicles with a conventional domestic socket), the 11 kW wallbox provides this functionality in only 5 hours, i.e. it delivers around 60 75 km of autonomy for the user of an electric vehicle.

From a safety point of view, the 11 kW wallbox is fitted with a system that prevents overheating and therefore possible damage to the equipment itself, but also to the battery of the electric vehicle and the electrical installation of the device. housing where it is installed.

The 11 kW wallbox models are also “smarter”. The latter are in fact connected thanks to a smartphone application and they can therefore be programmed remotely by their owner who, for example, can charge their vehicle when they benefit from off-peak hours offered by their service provider. electricity. A feature that allows you to make significant savings.

The 11 kW wallbox, for which vehicles and which uses?

All types of wallbox can be very easily installed in a private home, in a garage, for example, or on a private parking space for collective housing.

In particular, the 11 kW wallbox has the enormous advantage of being able to be used by almost all models of electric and hybrid vehicles available on the market. Note: some manufacturers of these types of cars sometimes even require the use of this particular wallbox model.

However, before proceeding with your purchase, you should make sure that the 11 kW wallbox can actually be used for your vehicle, that is to say that its battery accepts this charging power.

If you do not cover a lot of kilometers per day (no more than 60 km) with your electric car, the 11 kW wallbox is the charging station that perfectly suits your charging needs.

Note, however: given the power delivered by the 11 kW wallbox, it is in most cases necessary for an individual to review the electrical installation of his home so that it is well suited to this type of charging station. , to be able in particular to have three-phase alternating current (AC). Less powerful wallboxes can operate using single-phase current.

What is the cost of an 11 kW wallbox?

The wallbox, whatever its power, is one of the so-called “intelligent” charging stations for electric vehicles because it allows the owner of an electric car to plan and control the programming of this equipment and to have a view of the precise electricity consumption in real time, and therefore on its energy bill.

This particularity and the fact that the wallboxes are much more powerful than a simple domestic socket, in particular the 11 kW one, make this charging station a piece of equipment that can be expensive for some individuals. But its performance justifies its selling prices which can be between 900 and 1,500 euros depending on the model.

To this purchase price is added the intervention of a professional approved for this type of installation (charging stations with a power greater than 3.7 kW) at home. This cost is on average between 800 and 1000 euros including equipment, but it can vary according to various criteria and in particular the extent of the work to be carried out for the installation of this charging station at home. Note: installation by a professional is mandatory to be able to benefit from public aid, such as that offered by the ADVENIR program of the Association for the development of electric mobility Avere-France, the “Aide Solution Individuelle” bonus, which helps finance the purchase and installation of a charging station for one’s car electric. A bonus that can be combined with a tax credit of an amount that represents 75% of the expenses devoted to the purchase and installation of a wallbox up to the limit of 300 euros per charging station. This financial assistance is not subject to any income condition.