12-13% of voting intentions and no dynamics, what are the elected officials and #EELV candidates playing? – Morning Policy

Break the bowl of this taking of ecology hostage by #EELV. Not as long as the cause is bad or worse that I am climate-skeptic, far from it, however I had already expressed that the electoral spring of the French Greens is, like the #RN, fear. Not from the other, but from the future!

If we start with the concept that since the industrialization of the post-war Western world, nothing has been thought of to include standards for preserving our planet, I obviously agree. Ecology is slow to enter the software of each component of the French political landscape, I agree … even if little by little this dimension is integrated. That a political force emerges from the 1970s in Germany and then in France in the form of a rather left-wing party, I also agree since it is a question of consuming, living differently and therefore in opposition to any conservatism.
But today France is cut in two in terms of environmental protection: the human of the cities and the human of the fields. (No trial of human intent = please rat). The “yellow vests” crisis crystallized around the increase in the price of fuel, throughout the so-called peripheral territory, and a year later a number of regional metropolises elected #EELV mayors.

However, the political ecology proposed by these new majorities is today faced with a growth crisis #adulescent . Between beast age and adulthood. Proof? All these positions:
– The war on men by Alice Coffin, Paris.
– The nerdy, sexist Tour de France by the mayor of Lyon and a “dated sports format” according to an elected representative from Rennes
– The “benevolent” approach to rats which should not be qualified as “harmful” in Strasbourg.
– The controversial subsidy of the mosque by a controversial federation, followed by the rejection of the definition of anti-Semitism proposed by the International Alliance for the Memory of the Holocaust (AIMH), still in Strasbourg.
– The abandoned Christmas tree in Bordeaux
– The no to a place Samuel Paty in Paris, in the city council of the capital.
– “The air must no longer be part of a child’s dreams” according to the mayor of Poitiers.
– The non-voting of the subsidy to the sailing club in Vincennes.
– “The emotion of the (only) Jewish community” about the sadistic murder of Sarah Halimi, according to Julien Bayou ….

In short, apart from the manifesto city campaign dichotomy of # EELV’s electoral interests, it should be noted this lack of awareness of the general interest. The green software in France, far from “jostling” as stated by Eric Piolle, mayor of Grenoble and candidate for the presidential elections of 2022, shakes by its very urban dogmatism.

While Thomas Pesquet has just taken off into space as mission commander on April 22, how can we imagine that the air should no longer make people dream?
How to imagine that the assassination of a person because Jewish, in France, must move only the Jewish community ?!
From the famous four corners of France, controversies arise from elected officials called green, in general on all subjects except ecology!
Latest: lhe EELV campaign for the regional elections in June, in Ile de France, mixing Eric Zemmour, Gérald Darmanin, Alain Finkielkraut, boomers, fascists and hunters; accused of being citizens who will be “wrong” to vote?
Are the boomers in the same row as the fascists?
No difference between Eric Zemmour, Gérald Darmanin and Alain Finkielkraut? All the same … only “fascists”?
What level of political baseness does Julien Bayou want to reach? Even in his tweet following the #Rambouillet attack, which he describes only as a “terrible and cowardly attack”!

And what about ecology in all of this? To oblivion! Republican universalism in all of this? In the basement!

We used to say in the 70’s and 80’s that in France we had no oil but we had ideas, with #EELV we can claim to have sacred diggers who by dint of trying to look for ideas will find oil who knows? It would be a shame!