12 ideas to optimize the storage of a small bedroom

Minimalism is on the rise. And when you have a small room, minimalism becomes an obligation. If you have a small bedroom and have reduced as much as you can by decluttering it as much as possible, you may need to give your storage space a makeover so that you can not only store more stuff, but also more comfortably. Here are some ways to optimize the storage of a small bedroom without accentuating its cramped aspect.

1 – Optimize the space under your bed

Storing things under your bed is arguably the easiest way to add extra storage space to your bedroom. If you currently do not have any storage in this precise location, you have several options: either buy a new bed frame with drawers, or DIY a storage solution under your bed, or even raise your current bed and add containers. Whether you then use this place or those drawers to store clothes, books, or your photo collection is completely up to you.

2 – Store your sheets under your mattress

Sometimes the simplest storage solutions are the ones in front of you. Rather than adding messy piles of laundry to your closet shelves or drawers, wash and store your extra linens under your mattress. If you fold them well and put them at the foot of your bed, you absolutely won’t feel their weight.

3 – use drawer organizers

You already know that desk and kitchen organizers are the perfect storage accessories. But did you know that they are just as precious in your bedroom? Place one in any desk drawer or any dresser drawer that doesn’t contain piles of clothes, and store your comb, brush, hair ties, bobby pins and anything else. article inside.

4 – Add volume to your bedside

If you don’t have much room, replace your nightstand with a small dresser. It will function as a bedside table, but with more storage for your clothes, linens and other essentials. You can even raise it a little by hanging it on the wall to save space on the floor.

5 – go for light tones

Light furniture like a white bench or a set of transparent nesting tables can visually open up your small bedroom and also serve as storage so that your sleeping area is not too cluttered. Likewise, mirrors can have the same effect, making the eye believe that the room is larger than it appears.

6 – Install wall shelves

If a small bedside table, chest or other storage still takes up too much floor space, upgrade them and / or go for a shelf – or two or three. Perhaps the least used space in your bedroom is the highest part of your walls. You could therefore install a bookshelf in the upper part of your room at 30 centimeters from the ceiling, and run it all along one or more walls. This will add tens of square inches of storage to your room.

7 – think about vertical storage

Arrange a bookcase to add more vertical storage space. If you have a lot of books and small knick-knacks, this is a great solution that takes up very little space, next to your bed for example.

8 – Hang up your lights

Rather than bedside lamps on your nightstands, hang lights or simply put wall lights. This will save you floor space. It is an elegant solution for small bedrooms, especially near the bed.

9 – Hang the pots from your plants

Even if you don’t have room for extra furniture, you can easily add a decorative touch with greenery and hanging plants. Find a corner for a hanging planter or two, or line up several small plants along one of your shelves.

10 – Use the back of your bedroom door

Even in the smallest rooms, there is potential. If your door is not already cluttered and if it can open properly, know that you can recover a lot of storage space at the back of it. Also, if you leave the door open, these newly stored items will be virtually invisible. For example, your dirty laundry basket does not need to occupy a quarter of a square meter on your bedroom floor. Instead, hang it on the back of your bedroom door (or closet if you have one) and savor all the floor space you just saved! Likewise, a few hooks or hooks will do wonders to declutter your room and can be used to hang your shoes.

11 – Hang your cables

They may seem small, but your phone and laptop cables take up more space than you might think. In fact, when they’re tangled up next to your bed, they just create a mess. Rather, tidy up thanks to a system of clips. It is about having clips along your desk or your nightstand or your dresser and organizing the storage of your cables.

12 – lay out a mat of unconventional shape

Standard size rugs may be too big or on the contrary too small for your room. Rather than accentuate the look on the size of your room, divert it by opting for a rug in an original shape, why not simply an animal skin with a warm and pleasant texture under the foot?

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