15 billion euros more to help businesses

The government intends to continue helping companies in difficulty, but it will be more targeted and gradually reduced. An additional 15 billion euros are planned this year.

After the floodgates opened wide last year, the government is gradually reducing the scope of aid granted to companies in difficulty because of the health crisis. Economic activity resumes at the same time as the gradual reopening of the country, and in The echoes, Bruno Le Maire assures him: consumption is picking up again, the figures are ” good “And” the French use their savings “. But not all companies are out of the rut. In the same interview, Olivier Dussopt, the Minister of Public Accounts, details new spending.

The main beneficiary tourism sector

Bercy adds 15 billion euros for additional aid intended to support companies which remain in difficulty. The public authorities go from a ” general economic support for targeted and adapted support », Explains Bruno Le Maire. In detail, this sum which will be added to the amending finance bill (PLFR) will be used for restaurants, bars, hotels, and more generally for the tourism sector. 6.5 billion euros will be used for ” support the ramp-up of long-term partial activity (APLD) ”, 4 billion for the financing of exemptions of charges, and 3.5 billion for the gradual exit of the solidarity fund, which will be spread between June and the end of August.

Debt still so high

The automotive sector and foundries can also expect a boost from the public authorities, these two sectors being ” faced with a major transformation with the switch from thermal vehicles to electric vehicles », Explains the Minister of the Economy. A 3 billion transition fund will also be created for ” support companies meeting financing needs after the crisis “. These measures come at a cost: the debt should thus stand at 118% of gross domestic product in 2021.