15 yellow flowers to have in the garden

Nothing brings so much brightness and of gaiety in the garden than the yellow flowers. There is a very large number of species meeting this requirement, shrubs, trees, plants…, which allows each of us to cultivate in the ground or in pots various species with yellow flowers. The choice is vast, and every gardener can find species or varieties perfectly adapted to the size of his garden, but also to the local climate. Here are 15 plants not to be missed which, depending on the season, are covered with sun-colored flowers.

6 yellow flowering plants for a bright winter

Indispensable during the off-season, yellow flowers illuminate the outdoor space and at this time of year, we really need them.

  • The Winter jasmine (Jasminum nudiflorum) is covered with an extremely bright bloom for Christmas and its flowers brighten up the garden until March.
  • The Four Seasons Mimosa (Acacia retinodes) is a real splendor thanks to its multiple subtly scented yellow glomeruli which are spread out throughout the year. You can also opt for the exclusively winter flowering variety, the Winter mimosa (Acacia dealbata).
  • The Forsythia is covered from the month of February with a multitude of golden flowers while its foliage does not appear until then. It is the essential garden shrub that is frequently used in flowering hedge. But its culture in tank is possible, which makes it possible to install it on the terrace or the balcony.
  • TheWitch Hazel ‘Arnold Promise’, with a majestic habit, also called Witch Hazel, is highly sought after for its very bright yellow flowers which bring light in the middle of winter. Note that its leaves change color over the seasons to also turn yellow in autumn. It is a staple of heather shrub beds.
  • TheHellebore (Yellow hellebore gutatus) is being emulated more and more because it blooms in the dead of winter until the beginning of spring. It is a perennial whose sun-colored flowers are generously punctuated with multiple purple dots. Splendid, the one we also call Christmas rose provides flowers that hold very well in a vase and are frequently used in floral art.

2 plants with yellow flowers to greet the arrival of spring

From the beginning of April, a number of plants honor us with their abundant flowering in all color palettes. Among those that cover themselves with yellow flowers, we find for example:

  • The real Daffodil (Narcissus jonquilla) which symbolizes spring and offers us its magnificent yellow bells every year. It is a bulbous herbaceous plant to be installed in lawns, flower beds, at the foot of trees or in pots and which is not very demanding.
  • The Cytise clusters or Cytise false ebony (Laburnum anagyroides), is a deciduous tree with a supple habit of great elegance, which is readily used alone or in shrub beds.

5 yellow flowering plants that bloom in summer

  • The Coreopsis, of which there are many species, comes in different colors, but there are some yellow flowers with a purple heart blooming abundantly from May until the end of September. This plant of the family Asteraceae is essential in the garden since it can be installed in the sun.
  • The Russel’s Phlomis (Phlomis russeliana) is a ground cover plant to have absolutely because it forms a carpet covered with flowers of a magnificent yellow from the month of June until the end of August.
  • The Digital (Digitalis lutea) produces splendid pastel yellow flowers shaped bells, from June until the end of August. It is a hardy perennial that can be grown in a fairly harsh climate since it supports up to -15 ° C.
  • The Common tansy (Tanacetum vulgare) is a herbaceous perennial that covers itself with small yellow flower heads in summer. Very fragrant, this plant is used as repellent against insects.
  • The Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) is absolutely inevitable with its huge flowers with yellow petals and brown hearts borne on stems up to 2 meters high. The Sunflower is perfect at the bottom of a massif or all along a garden path … It blooms from July to September, and in autumn, its seeds are the delight of birds.

2 plants with yellow flowers to brighten up the fall

After the summer, when the vacation period comes to an end, morale is not always at its peak. To bring good humor to the garden, do not hesitate to install flowers there which, in autumn, illuminate the outdoor space with their warm color.

  • The Yellow crocus (Sternbergia lutea) is distinguished from many other varieties of crocus since this one is fall bloom. Not very hardy since it does not withstand temperatures below -4 or -5 ° C, it should rather be reserved for regions with a mild climate.
  • The Rudbeckia ‘Goldsturm’ is an ideal perennial even for novice gardeners since it has no special requirements. It is, moreover, damn rustic, able to brave temperatures to -25 ° C. We love its multiple flowers reminiscent of daisies but a yellow close to that of lemon with which the dark heart contrasts. Due to its flowering period – from July to November – and the shape of its yellow flowers, this Rudbeckia is nicknamed “Perennial Autumn Sun”.

Plants with yellow flowers go well with all others regardless of the color of their bloom. We can thus create a real artist painting where the light is everywhere.