16% of French people ready to invest in cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency fascinates the French more and more, 16% of them are ready to invest in it. The fascination is even greater among 18-24 year olds who are nearly 27% who want to invest in it according to a survey conducted by Ifop on behalf of Cointribune.

More and more investors are attracted to cryptocurrencies

A survey carried out by Ifop for Cointribune and published Thursday, February 18, 2021 by the Echoes highlights that if the French have invested massively in 2020 with the Covid crisis, more and more of them are thinking about stock market investment and in particular in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. 3% of French people have already invested in this new kind of currency and 1 in six French people say they are ready to do so.

The survey details that men have invested more than women and that they are also more likely to want to do so, 18% for men, against 9% for women. However, it is the younger generations (18-24 years old) who are most fascinated by this new type of investment. They are 27% to wish to invest in cryptocurrencies, against 11% in 50-64 years and 6% in over 65 years.

The confidence of the French in this investment has also jumped, since 51% of French people believed in 2019 that cryptocurrency was a profitable investment. However, for 75% of them it remains a fad and therefore an ephemeral value.

The undisputed star of cryptocurrency Bitcoin

Among the existing crypto currencies, one shines more than the others, Bitcoin, which has a much higher level of notoriety than its competitors. 83% of French people know Bitcoin against 10% for the Dogecoin cryptocurrency for example. Tuesday February 16, 2021, the price of Bitcoin jumps again to reach $ 50,000.

If the French are interested in investing in cryptocurrency, it is 91% to earn money and 9% to make purchases. 24% of French people also believe that Bitcoin will end up playing a real role as currency in the years to come.

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