2020, a black year for the European automobile industry – economy

The year 2020 is to be forgotten for the automotive industry in Europe, where less than 10 million vehicles have been sold. France is one of the countries most affected by this spectacular drop in sales.

Less than 10 million new vehicles were sold in the European Union last year. The passenger car market collapsed 23.7% to 9,942,509 vehicles, under the impact of the pandemic », Details ACEA, the association of European manufacturers. From one year to the next, 3 million fewer vehicles have been sold in the Union. The volume sold in 2020 is quite simply the lowest figure ever seen since the creation of the statistical series which dates back to 1990. Even during the dark years of 1993 and 2013 – synonymous with crises and heavy losses – the industry European automotive industry did better!

A decrease of 23.7% compared to 2019

ACEA explains that these are “ measures taken against the pandemic – including strict lockdowns and other restrictions throughout the year – [qui] have had an unprecedented impact on car sales in the Union “. Logically: the various lockdowns and travel restrictions have paralyzed automotive activity throughout the year, whether in factories or at dealerships. In addition, potential buyers did not necessarily have the head to buy a new car… If “ the 27 markets of the European Union recorded double-digit declines », France is one of the most affected countries with a 25.5% drop in sales compared to 2019.

France in the top three

Spain recorded the biggest drop with almost a third of sales down. Italy follows with 27.9%, France therefore, then Poland (22.9%) and Belgium (-21.5%). December was almost normal with just over a million new vehicles sold and a drop of just 3.3%. A glimmer of hope in this gloomy context … Spain has returned to normal levels, but not France, Italy or Belgium. In contrast, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands did better.

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