2021 Barometer of local missions: young people are worried about their future

The 2021 barometer of the network of local missions, intended to measure the satisfaction of the young people it supports, lifts the veil on the concerns of young people about the job market and growing precariousness.

Young people are more vulnerable in times of crisis

The survey carried out by the National Union of Local Missions (UNML) among 38,998 young people highlights the growing concerns of young people about the job market. 42% of respondents say they are somewhat or very worried about their future. This figure is much higher than that of the year 2020 which was 33%. The difficulties of integration concern more and more young people leaving training since they are 77% to apprehend the fact of not finding work.

The concerns are more related to financial or family difficulties than to fulfillment at work. 44% of respondents say they have financial difficulties and 40% of them say they are touched by boredom.

7 out of 10 young people have gained self-confidence thanks to the Local Mission

For Sandrine Aboubadra-Pauly, General Delegate of UNML, “ Young people constitute the most vulnerable category of the population during periods of crisis, more subject to economic, social or psychological precariousness.. Through their local public service mission for the social and professional integration of young people aged 16 to 25 “.

The local Mission, which has been able to adapt its systems and support to meet the needs of young people, plays an essential role for those who are looking for work. In many cases, fortunately there is the Local Mission, because According to data from the latest survey, more than 7 out of 10 young people believe they have gained self-confidence thanks to the support offered by their Local Mission and have made progress in their projects.