22 kW charging station: when to choose this wallbox? What price ?

Who says electric car, says charging station. Composed of a battery that runs on electricity, this type of vehicle necessarily requires the acquisition of a charging station at the time of purchase.

It is true that owners of electric cars in particular have the possibility of recharging their vehicle at home using a simple household outlet. However, to benefit from much shorter and more efficient charging times, most of them have a charging station, also called a wallbox, which is very easy to install at home, in their garage. , in an outbuilding, or even outside his house. Different wallboxes, which differ in particular according to their power (from 7 to 50 kW), are available on the market. Here we will deal more specifically with the characteristics, uses and prices of the 22 kW wallbox.

The main characteristics of a 22 kW wallbox charging station

Charging stations, also called wallboxes, are the most efficient equipment for efficiently recharging an electric vehicle, in a minimum of time and with the guarantee of maximum safety.

Several types of charging stations are available on the market which differ mainly according to their power. There are thus wallboxes of 7kW, 11kW, 22kW and 50 kW. Those with a power of 7 and 11 kW are the most used, in particular by individuals who wish to be able to charge their electric car at home with maximum comfort.

But the 22 kW wallbox is also popular with many owners of electric vehicles. The latter can indeed be installed very easily in a private home, whether indoors (garage, laundry room, outbuildings, etc.) or outdoors because of its robustness and its ability not to be sensitive to weather hazards, to dust, shocks, or even vandalism. This charging station requires, for its connection, only the installation of a differential.

Its most significant advantage: the 22 kW wallbox allows an electric car to be recharged very quickly (around 80% of its battery or even for 100 km of range) in just 3 or 4 hours! In addition, this type of charging station can be used intensively because it is very resistant.

From a safety point of view, the 22 kW wallbox is most often equipped, to avoid all types of electrical overheating, with elements (circuit breaker and differential) which allow it to be automatically put out of service in these cases and so no longer connect it to the general electrical installation of the house to avoid any risk of fire in particular. Some 22 kW wallbox models are not originally equipped with these components, but they are sold as an option.

On the other hand, a 22 kW wallbox is generally guaranteed for at least 2 years. A good point for owners of electric vehicles.

Who is the 22 kW wallbox charging station for?

The 22 kW wallbox is particularly chosen by owners of an electric vehicle who are looking for a high performance charging system at an affordable price.

On the other hand, the 22 kW wallbox can be adapted to practically all types of electric vehicles available on the market.

This charging station is also called “intelligent”. Most of these models are indeed equipped with a connected system which allows its user to program its operation remotely via, most often, a dedicated smartphone application or wifi. A practical feature very appreciated because it gives in particular the possibility of controlling the recharging periods and thus being able to benefit from the hours when the supply of electricity is the cheapest for those who have a peak hours / off-peak hours contract in particular.

The cost of a 22 kW wallbox charging station

The price of a 22 kW wallbox depends on many criteria. First, the brand that markets it, but also the features it offers. Some originally include connected equipment that allows its user to control the charging times and times of his electric vehicle, and therefore its electricity consumption, and others not. Other 22 kW wallbox models do not include electrical equipment such as a circuit breaker, a differential or the length of cables required to connect it to the house’s electrical panel.

However, given its power and general performance, the price of a 22 kW wallbox is almost always around 1,000 euros (count from 900 euros for a less powerful wallbox such as the 11 kW or 700 wallbox. euros for a 7 kW wallbox).

At the cost of the 22 kW wallbox itself, you also need to budget for its installation. Indeed, for all charging stations with a power greater than 3.7 kW, a specialized and approved professional must intervene at your home to set it up. The cost of such an intervention is in principle between 800 and 1000 euros including equipment but it can vary according to different criteria and in particular the extent of the work to be carried out for the installation of the charging station.

This obligation to go through a professional installer is a guarantee of safety since we are dealing with sensitive electrical equipment most often installed inside a home. In addition, this obligation conditions the fact of being able to benefit or not from public aid, such as that offered by the ADVENIR program of the Association for the development of electric mobility Avere-France, the “Aide Solution Individuelle” bonus, which helps finance the purchase and installation of a charging station for one’s car electric. To note : this bonus can be combined with a tax credit of an amount which represents 75% of the expenses devoted to the purchase and installation of a wallbox within the limit of 300 euros per charging station, and it is not not means tested.