2,300 fewer deaths linked to air pollution in spring 2020

The drop in the content of the ambient air in fine particles during the spring 2020 containment prevented 2,300 deaths, we learn from a study by Public Health France.

Air pollution is cutting us off 8 months of life expectancy

The drop in air pollution during the spring 2020 containment was beneficial for the health of the French. Even to the point of reducing the number of deaths attributable to fine particles (PM2.5) in normal times (40,000 people aged 30 and over each year, according to data from Public Health France).

In the spring of 2020, 2,300 deaths were therefore avoided, calculated the specialists of this agency attached to the Ministry of Health. In addition, 1,200 deaths avoided thanks to the reduction in exposure to nitrogen dioxide (NO2), whose emissions are mainly linked to road traffic. In addition, a certain gain in life expectancy has been achieved: again according to Public Health France, in normal times, atmospheric pollutants reduce the French 8 months of life expectancy on average.

Reducing air pollution: change is underway

The authors of the study welcome recent developments, which will soon have a positive effect on life expectancy and the reduction in the number of preventable deaths. They cite the decline in automobile traffic in urban areas and the decrease in industrial emissions. In terms of behavioral changes, teleworking is likely to be perpetuated within French society, reducing business travel.

Still other courses of action can be implemented. Among them, the improvement of the use of wood heating (use of efficient appliances, choice of good quality fuels, etc.), the development of good agricultural practices to reduce ammonia emissions or the thermal renovation of plants. housing.