3 ways to use the print of the season: Pied de Poule (houndstooth)

After staying out for a few years, the houndstooth print is making a strong comeback to the fashion scene to prove to us how timeless it is. Instructions for using a timeless print.

If there is a print that we can call classic, it is undoubtedly Pied-de-poule. Used for decades and continues to appeal to new generations. Timeless and elegant, the print houndstooth is back in our wardrobes and now adapts to all styles. For anyone who finds it difficult to use and match this pattern, here are three ways to use it!

How to use the houndstooth print (Pied-de-poule)


For a professional meeting or just for work, the houndstooth print will bring a chic and casual side. To do this, preferably choose a blazer that will be perfect to “ennoble” simple black jeans and white sneakers. In winter, why not be seduced by a long houndstooth print jacket? A strong piece that will allow you to have a deceptively sophisticated look in a few seconds!


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For those who still have problems with the houndstooth print, we advise you to take it easy choosing the accessories. In a black jacket or coat, a houndstooth scarf will make all the difference and instantly add class to your outfit. You can also fall in love with a beautiful bag or a pair of high heels boots with a houndstooth print, bold, but ultra stylish for the winter!


The glamorous version

Want a more glamorous look? The houndstooth print is also available as a dress or skirt. With a leather suit or a long coat, the houndstooth dress has the advantage of matching your entire wardrobe. The same goes for the skirt we prefer to wear together, with your matching jacket.


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