4 DIY cat toy ideas

Play is good for developing the mental faculties of your pets! And if you make their toys for them instead of buying them ready-made in the store, you will have gained manual activities, some of which will help develop your skills. If you’re running out of ideas, here are a few that should interest you.

1- The inaccessible ball

Principle of the game:

It’s about creating an obstacle course like a pinball machine, closed by a cover with openings. The cat should be able to see the ball flowing through it and try to catch it by sliding its paw through the openings. But he can only push it, which will excite his sense of the game. The realization of this idea takes a little time.

Necessary material :

  • Two large sheets of fairly thick card stock
  • A few rolls of toilet paper
  • A ruler
  • Scissors
  • A cutter
  • Liquid glue
  • Crocodile clips
  • Big Scotch
  • A ping-pong ball
  • Décopatch or other to decorate the box.

The realization:

First you have to build a box. This is one of the large sheets of card stock that will be used for this. You materialize a strip all around that you will then fold and which will become the edges of the box.

The second cardboard sheet is used to cut:

  • some strips which will be folded in five times,
  • and some bands folded only in half.

The first are used to make bridges, the two outer edges constituting the points to be glued on the bottom of the box to fix them. The seconds will be used to make the lane walls arranged parallel to the edges of the box, at a sufficient distance to let the ball pass.

You cut slices from the toilet paper rolls. Their thickness corresponds to the height of the sides of the box, plus a part that you burst into a corolla to fix the roll on the bottom of the box, like the other elements. These are all studs distributed between the decks and the corridors which have the role of stiffening the top of the box which, without them, would be too flexible.

The whole must create a obstacle course for the ball.

Before closing the box, with the cutter, you create openings on the sides and on the part of the cardboard sheet where nothing is stuck, that is to say on the future lid of the box. The openings are symmetrical by opposite edges. Otherwise, when you close the box, the openings will be blocked by the opposite edge. Their dimensions are adapted to the paw of your cat which must be able to slip there (the goal being that your cat tries to catch the ball). These openings are not located where you placed the decks, hallways, and roll slices, but between them.

Heavy tape is then applied to the edges of all openings to consolidate them.

You close the box and glue the edges together with liquid glue. Alligator clips hold the assembly together while it dries.

You can decorate the box according to your taste. You put the ping pong ball in it under your cat’s nose and watch it have fun like crazy with the ball bouncing around the edges and moving around the box under the effect of its paws.

2- The fishing rod game

False prey games are the ones that stimulate cats’ hunting instinct the most. You will give free rein to your creativity to design as many objects to place at the end of a wire suspended from a rod, on the model of a fishing rod. By varying the accessories, you will renew your cat’s interest and test their tastes at low cost.

The cane part can be done with a small branch picked up on a walk. As for the different objects that you can hang on it, they can be made from an old sock, be reduced to a feather or a woolen pompom, integrate a bell, etc. It doesn’t matter if you are good at sewing or not. Your cat won’t be picky if the dots are not well ordered. As for the thread, do not choose nylon or too thin thread that could hurt your cat. Use thick sisal, hemp or jute string.

When you want to give volume to old pieces of fabric, the ideal is to stuff them withcatnip which will also stimulate your pet’s sense of smell. The advantage of these games is that you can actively play with it. Even small children can try it.

3- The candy bottle

Combining play and treats is even more stimulating for the cat. The candy bottle is undoubtedly one of the must-haves to make yourself, especially since it is child’s play to make. Your cat will roll the bottle to find the right angle to drop the treats and eat them.

To play this game, all you need to do is collect an empty plastic water bottle with a capacity of 50 cl. Poke holes a little larger than the size of the treats. It must be perfectly dried and emptied of any plastic chips before placing a few treats in it. Close the bottle. She’s ready for the game!

4- The find-and-find cat

Principle of the game:

The goal is to create a box with hiding places containing sweets.

Necessary material :

  • an empty cardboard tissue box or (faster) a shoe box
  • several cardboard rolls of toilet paper,
  • liquid white glue,
  • cat food or treats.

The realization:

If you are using a tissue box, cut out the top. The shoebox without a lid has the advantage of being ready to use.

Fill the box with the toilet paper rolls in an upright position until it is full and there is no room left for another. Glue the rolls between them and those placed on the outside of the rows on the inner edges of the box.

Then place the box in an upright position. Secure it so that it does not fall when your cat plunges its paw into it. Insert some kibble into rolls, without filling them all, the goal being that your cat seeks and has the pleasure of finding! If necessary, show him the way to the first treat to stimulate him.

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