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4 ideas for dog toys to make yourself

If adult dogs sleep 12 to 15 hours a day, there is enough left over for them to be bored. So he needs toys. But these can be expensive, especially if they need to be renewed regularly. How about making toys for him yourself? We take stock of the interest of such an activity and we give you ideas to get started.

Dogs need toys

Toys are the cure for boredom for our four-legged friends. And this can be all the more important as a bored dog is prone to developing abnormal and problematic behaviors. We have seen dogs pulling their hair from walking around in circles at home! In some cases, a toy can also bring real comfort to your dog.

There are actually different types of toys. Toys intended to be thrown by the owner and brought back by the dog are easy to make yourself. In addition, you can give them a nice look and customize them at will by following some precautions so that the dog does not swallow small parts that would come off and cause him digestive problems. Other kinds of toys stimulate the dog’s thinking. Finally, some toys can become real soft toys for dogs: soft, rather small to be able to be taken everywhere, and can be shaken in all directions …

Ideally, a dog toy makes noise, otherwise it quickly loses interest. Ditto for toys that are difficult to handle. Either way, one way to stimulate your dog’s interest in a toy is to find out and play with it.

Why make your dog’s toys yourself?

Old T-shirts, a pillowcase or a towel that you no longer use … Many textiles can be used to make a dog toy. It is one of the interests of what is called DIY to extend the life of certain objects which, otherwise, would go in the trash.

Another interest: you can make tailor-made for your dog. You observe him to understand what might interest him, you make him test toys and you improve them by using your creativity … Making toys yourself for your dog undoubtedly allows you to forge bonds of affection even deeper.

If you’re convinced, here are 4 DIY toy ideas for your dog.

Idea n ° 1: the rope ball with integrated reward

Equipment : a cotton rope the thickness of a finger and a big treat.

How to make the toy : you make a ball the size of a large ball with the string and you place the treat in its center. Do not tighten too hard so that the ball comes undone thanks to the blows of the muzzle and the paws of your dog. Smelling the treat, he tries to catch it. If ever the device is too strong and your dog cannot reach the treat, you can help him: no way to frustrate him because you would have worked too well …

Idea n ° 2: search everything

Equipment : a shoebox, toilet paper rolls and croquettes.

How to make the toy : you must have enough rolls of toilet paper to cover the entire surface of the box with it. You have them standing, one against the other. You place a croquette at the bottom of each roll. Then you let your dog poke around and turn the rollers over to catch the kibble.

Idea # 3: the strip-ball

Equipment : old T-shirts and scraps of fabric, a tennis ball or a tough rubber ball, depending on your dog’s bite force, and a pair of serrated scissors.

How to make the toy : cut strips of fabric 5 cm wide with the notched scissors. The length is chosen according to the desired end result. As the bands will be braided together, you must plan more length than the final length. The braiding method is either 4-strand scoubidou or basic 3-strand braiding, whichever you prefer. Depending on the size of the dog’s jaw, you can flesh out each strand using multiple strips of fabric. At the end of the braiding, you should have a good length of fabric left. You pass all the strands through the ball that you have perforated beforehand. With what you have left of fabric, you tie a big knot so that the ball cannot come off. Trim excess fabric if necessary.

You just have to play with your dog by throwing this unique looking ball at him or let him play with it as he pleases.

Idea n ° 4: the distri-croq ‘

Equipment : 3 empty plastic bottles, a wooden stick 81 cm long and 1 cm in diameter, another 3 cm in diameter, three planks of planed wood at least 2 cm thick and 30 to 40 cm thick wide (one will be 90 cm long and the other two 60 cm), screws, wood glue, a drill and a cutter.

How to make the toy :

  • blunt the angles of the board and assemble it to make a support consisting of a bottom and two sides (glued then screwed)
  • consolidate the structure by fixing the largest strip in height between the two side boards, a few centimeters from the upper edges
  • measure the height of two-thirds of the bottles and pierce the bottles there
  • Transfer the measurement to the side boards then make a second mark 2 cm above, drill a hole with a diameter a little larger than the small stick at the level of this second mark
  • with the small stick, cross a first side at the level of the hole, then plug in the three bottles and cross the second side
  • place some croquettes in the bottles

The dog will have to overturn the bottles to drop the croquettes and be able to eat them. It is a game that stimulates his thinking skills well.

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