40% of deputies still hesitate to stand for re-election in 2022

A report unveiled by RMC highlights that nearly half of the deputies do not yet know whether they will stand for a new term in June 2022.

Uncertainty among MPs

Project Acardie’s 2021 report unveiled on Wednesday April 21, 2021 by RMC , highlights that the deputies are still uncertain about their future in the hemicycle. Thus, 40% of MEPs do not yet know whether they will stand for re-election in June 2022 to run for a new term in the National Assembly. Among these undecided, many members of the majority who were discovering parliamentary life for the first time and for whom the experience was not the most conclusive.

Jennifer de Temmerman who left the Republic in March in November 2019 confided to RMC: ” I myself sometimes a little ashamed to have participated in this “, For others like LREM MP Stéphanie Kerbarh, the workload was a big surprise:” Clearly it’s non-stop, we don’t have time to have lunch at noon, we come home late, it’s hours of work and hearing. That was a great discovery »She explains.

15% of deputies will not stand for re-election

If 40% of the deputies or 230 deputies are still in the indecision, they are 15% to be sure not to stand again, i.e. 86 deputies and 43 of them belong to the presidential majority. A blow for Emmanuel Macron who is followed in the polls of the presidential election of 2022 by Marine Le Pen.

Since 2019, the ranks of the parliamentary group of the Republic in March have shrunk after a wave of departures. They were 314 when they arrived in 2017, they were only 269 when they arrived in March 2021. Thus, 45 deputies left LaREM causing Emmanuel Macron to lose the absolute majority in May 2020. This is the biggest drop recorded during the Fifth Republic.