40% of VSE managers saw their cash flow deteriorate in 2020

Decidedly, 2020 was the year of all dangers for very small businesses (TPE). According to the Observatory of TPEs carried out by American Express, 2 out of 5 TPE managers in France have observed a deterioration in their cash flow in 2020.

Improving cash flow is the priority for 1 in 3 businesses

The economic health of French very small businesses (VSEs) is not enviable. In 2020, 1 in 2 managers noticed a drop in their turnover, 40% noticed a deterioration in their cash flow and 1 in 5 recorded late payments. The average late payment is 43 days for very small businesses… whereas it is 13 days for all types of companies combined, the latest edition of the Observatory for very small businesses produced by American Express tells us.

According to the same observatory, 71% of TPE leaders say they are worried about the country’s economic situation (11 points more than in 2019), and 64% of respondents say they are optimistic about the economic performance of their company (3 points less than in 2019). Asked about their priorities for the coming year, 30% of business leaders surveyed believe that it is improving their cash flow.

The hotel and leisure companies, the most impacted of all

The lessons of this observatory echo those obtained by the company PayPlug in January 2021 also: 58% of managers, executives and managers of VSEs / SMEs agree that the health crisis has negatively impacted the activity of their company. . The most negatively impacted sector is the hotel and leisure sector (80% of businesses impacted). Conversely, the transport and distribution sectors as well as the retail sector were positively impacted, for respectively 54% and 59% of respondents.

In addition, 74% of the panel did not feel sufficiently helped during this period. On the other hand, among traders, 57% of those surveyed felt that they had received sufficient support. There is also a little ray of hope: a majority of VSE / SME leaders (66%) are optimistic about this new year.

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