5 decorating tips to give your toilet a makeover

Yes, yes, the toilets are also entitled to their decoration! Give the smallest room in your home personal charm with paint, tile, mirror, photos and accessories. To do this, here are 5 ideas.

The restrooms are ultimately the perfect place to experiment when it comes to decorating. Have you always dreamed of painting a wall black or hanging floral wallpaper on all your walls? This may be the place to put your plan into action. If you are only moderately happy with the result, you can always start over easily since you are in the smallest room in your home. And then the biases in terms of decoration always have a powerful effect, especially on small surfaces.

Nevertheless, in order to be able to offer yourself a beautiful decoration in your bathroom, careful planning is important. Anticipate and therefore take some time to find out what you would like to have as ambiance and how you would imagine the room once you have had a makeover.

1 – What to consider beforehand before giving your toilet a makeover

To achieve your goal, it is better to be concrete and have a sense of reality. Start by taking measurements of your room or study the plan of your house to find out how much space you actually have. Note the location of the door, window if you have one and the water connection. These are the three essential elements to plan your decoration as well as possible. Keep in mind the possibility of a switch to turn on a ceiling light or to light up above a possible hand basin. Then ask yourself the question of your habits. Do you need a large mirror to do your makeup? If you put a garbage can, where will you put it? You have to think about all these questions before embarking on the decoration of your toilet.

If you don’t have any ideas, you can get inspiration. Try to remember. Did you particularly like the color scheme used in your friends’ bathrooms? Did you like the furniture or the range of hotel accessories from your last vacation or do you have a particular candle or room fragrance in mind? Write down all of these points to see how you can incorporate them into your bathroom decor.

2 – Makeover the furniture of his toilets

The more space you have, naturally the larger and more spaced your furniture can be. If there is less space, you may have to save on some furniture, unless of course you like tight spaces. However, you probably will not be able to do without the following equipment since they are part of the basic “panoply” of all toilets:

  • toilets and their toilet roll holder and toilet brush
  • a hand basin with the taps, a towel holder and a small bin
  • a mirror
  • a storage option like a shelf, hook or small cupboard, so that you can discreetly store toilet paper and linen for drying your hands.

You can easily save space with the hand basin because there are different models, especially for small bathrooms. Some take up very little space and can even be installed as a space-saving corner solution. Another tip if you want to save space: hang your furniture on the wall. Not only do you have more space, visually the toilets appear more spacious and to clean it is easier because nothing hinders the floor.

3 – Makeover the walls of his toilets

The toilets as already mentioned are the perfect place to experiment. This is especially true for color. Light colors – especially blue, yellow, or green – add freshness to your toilet. Dark colors or earth tones and browns, on the other hand, give it a warm atmosphere.

Indulge yourself by using color: the tiles, the sinks look great in subtle colors, all in nuances. You don’t have to go white. On the other hand, be careful with the chosen color which may appear out of fashion several years later. Strong colors are recommended for accessory items that can be changed often and easily: wall paint, wallpaper, towels, etc.

You can still choose a tile or coating that is unusual or has a particularly high budget since after all, you are probably in the smallest room of your home. There is therefore much less wall and floor space to equip. Therefore, treat yourself to luxury! Especially in small toilets, high quality tiles greatly enhance the decoration of the room.

4 – Makeover the lighting of your toilets

Also with regard to light, a special luminaire may be suitable. Instead of a single overhead light, however, multiple light sources on a mirror are preferable. Due to the lateral arrangement, they diffuse a more pleasant light and, thanks to the reflections, also make the room appear larger. In addition to the creative effects, such a light is also more practical, especially if the room is to be used by your guests to make up for example.

5 – Makeover the decorative accessories of his toilets

Try to make sure that your toilet does not become the place of display of good numbers of objects only intended to collect dust. Let’s start with the mirror: it should not only be used for a make-up touch-up, it is also extremely decorative! Regardless of the shape of your toilet, large or small – with a mirror you can quickly give it a new look without having to invest a lot of money.

The same applies to photos in the toilet. Got a visual you’ve loved for a long time, but never found the right place for because it was too visible, too large, or too colorful? In the toilet, this photo may find its place. You can use frames of unusual shapes or you can use unusual ways to hang them.

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