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5 reasons that make it essential to insure your animal!

All pet owners are still hesitant to insure their little companion with a pet mutual. It’s a shame, because specialized insurance companies offer a multitude of competitively priced solutions that offer more or less extensive personalized coverage.

From the simple consultation to the veterinarian to the surgical operation, including all preventive acts, the owner who took care of insuring his pet can be reimbursed between 50 and 100% of the expenses incurred depending on the formula chosen. A doubt, a hesitation? Here are 5 reasons that justify insuring your pet.

Assistance guarantee in case of emergency

Any pet of any age may, during its lifetime, require special care. emergency. In the same way, if the owner of the animal must be hospitalized, it is essential to find an immediate solution to ensure the care of his animal so that he does not remain alone for a long time, without care, without food, delivered to him. -even…

Insuring your dog, cat or even your New Pet (NAC) such as rabbits, guinea pigs or ferrets, allows you to face unforeseeable hazards once you have chosen a suitable formula.

Another advantage offered by the animal assistance guarantee: if the animal gets lost, the owner benefits from invaluable help to increase the chances of finding it. Indeed, the insurance company:

  • Notifies the various services specializing in the search for lost pets,
  • Publishes announcements serving to alert,
  • Pay the owner a Financial participation in order to relieve expenses incurred by the search for his little companion.

To benefit from this service, it is necessary to choose an animal insurance plan including this guarantee as well as a telephone assistance service accessible 7/7 and 24/24.

Reimbursement of veterinary expenses

The rates applied by veterinarians are free in our country. This is why they can quickly represent a large sum. However, not all pet owners have a sufficient budget to finance expensive care when their little companion falls ill or has an accident.

The slightest consultation with a veterinarian costs at least € 30 but can climb to € 60, or even reach € 90 at a veterinarian behaviorist. Another example: a surgical intervention can be invoiced several hundred euros. Often crippling, these substantial sums discourage a number of owners who are nevertheless attached to their animal, to such an extent that they give up seeking treatment, with death in the soul. The consequences can be serious because in the absence of care, the animal can suffer from complications and even lose his life.

Insure your pet allows you to be reimbursed in part or in full for the expenses incurred to take care of the health of a dog, a cat or a NAC. The companies reimburse, depending on the contract chosen, between 50 and 100% of health spending. Let us not forget that animals are also exposed to the risks of cancer, heart problems, rheumatic diseases or even age-related degeneration.

Certain breeds are particularly affected by serious health problems, hereditary or genetic. Others are more frequently exposed to infections or attacks from wild animals as a result of their activity such as hunting dogs for example.

Insuring your animal from an early age is a precaution that helps to ensure its health throughout its life.

Support for preventive acts

In the field of health, prevention is better than cure. This adage also holds for the health of an animal. By integrating a prevention package into a classic formula, the owner of an animal takes all the precautions because he can thus benefit from an annual package which at least partially covers paramedical costs.

Muzzle and other accessories, shampoo, lotions, dewormers, antiparasites or even special therapeutic foods are all ancillary products that represent a significant cost. Many animal mutuals include them in the prevention package. It is the same for vaccination and sterilization.

Animal insurance for specific needs

Each breed of dog, cat or other pet has its own characteristics, qualities but also weaknesses.

For example, we do not choose the same health cover for a breed dog highly prone to eye diseases such as the French bulldog than for a hunting dog highly exposed to pathologies transmitted by wild fauna as is the case for the Aujewszky’s disease. Likewise, between an alley cat accustomed to living outdoors and the Persian Chinchilla cat who participates in beauty contests and other cat salons do not have the same needs in terms of health insurance.

The health mutuals offer formulas very well adapted to the needs of each animal and to the financial possibilities of the owner who has the choice between three or four formulas allowing to choose a more or less extensive animal cover, at the best price.

Ensure the end of life of your animal

Some dog or cat insurance companies agree to cover pets until the end of their life. This is essential if you want to take care of the health of your faithful companion from an early age to the end. It is generally when they are very young or as soon as they enter the category of senior animals that they are the most exposed to accidents and / or diseases, not to mention the many acts related to prevention that everyone needs. .

Before taking out a contract with an animal mutual, it is important to check this point stipulated in the contract. These are generally the same formulas which also guarantee at least partial coverage of euthanasia costs and cremation.

It is even possible to choose a contract guaranteeing the owner of a cat or dog the payment of a compensation for the death of the animal so he can buy a new little companion. While this is no substitute for the loss of a loyal four-legged friend, welcoming a new pet into the family can help mourn.

If you want to offer your pet every chance of living as long as possible free from many health problems, do not hesitate to take them regularly to the veterinarian, to ask for a health check, get him treated when he gets sick or injured, call emergency services as soon as necessary. To avoid having to spend astronomical sums, the only solution is to insure your pet as soon as possible.

In a few minutes, you can learn all about the solutions offered by mutual health insurance. All you have to do is compare the different formulas through an animal insurance comparator and then sign the offer at the best price that best meets the specific needs of your little companion.

Before deciding, it is useful to read the general conditions which clearly stipulate the exclusions, the waiting period or even the age beyond which the animal is no longer taken care of, knowing that in this area , each animal insurance company imposes its own rules.

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