50 Funny and Cute names for my hamster

If you need inspiration to come up with a funny and funny name for your hamster, here are 50 suggestions that can inspire you and constitute a basis for family discussion.

Find a funny name for my hamster

Today, the pet is a full member of the family, whether it is a hamster, a dog or some other animal. He must therefore be given a name that will make it easier to address him, but also to talk about him around you.
The stake is certainly not the same for a dog as for a hamster. The relationship with a dog is more elaborate and offers the possibility of rich and varied interactions. As adorable as the hamster is, it must be recognized that the relationship is more limited. In addition, for the dog, it is better to choose a short name which privileges the effectiveness and which is not too close to terms of the everyday life with which the dog could confuse them. For the hamster, you can afford more fantasies. Without going for a name that is too complicated or too long, you can mobilize all your creative faculties.

When they wake up, hamsters are incredibly active little rodents. The search for food and building materials for their burrows keeps them busy.

The main characteristic of the hamster are its cheekbones. When they are packed, it makes them look very funny. Here are 50 funny names that may be perfect for your hamster.

These 5 names are directly inspired by cheekbones because they begin with the sound “ch” evoking our pronunciation when we ourselves eat with our mouths full.

  • chicos
  • bitch
  • Chiquita
  • chouquette
  • choupette

These 9 names refer to the great energy of hamsters. The sound “z” evokes speed.

  • azimuth
  • zazou
  • zanzibar
  • zebulon
  • zephyr
  • zigou
  • zoupette
  • volt
  • dynamite

These 5 names are funny and sweet at the same time thanks to the “m” sound.

  • melodrama
  • chanting
  • michette
  • mistik
  • mustako

These 6 names refer to foods: ideal for naming a small “chewable” rodent.

  • almond
  • caramel
  • chocolate
  • hazelnut
  • pistachio
  • praline

25 other funny and funny names.

  • bibi
  • bidou
  • biloute
  • barjès
  • batilou
  • bernik
  • cachou
  • cambo
  • hoodie
  • capri
  • clown
  • dino
  • doli
  • flip
  • indi
  • djimi
  • read
  • loutz
  • pat
  • patrol
  • pipette
  • pirouette
  • pitikok
  • chick
  • slim

What is the character of a hamster?

A baby hamster that has not been handled too early and then been gently handled will be easier to tame than a hamster that has been shaken a bit too much or has never been used to human contact. However, you can not always know what were the beginnings of the life of the little hamster you welcome in your home. Your hamster may therefore be calm or nervous, gentle or aggressive.

However, do not lose hope that a possible fearful or aggressive character may change over time. The key to success lies in setting up a ritual combining seduction and delicacy. The most effective seduction is food, but you must then take into account what you give it so as not to make your hamster fat. The same contact ritual, repeated every day, can gradually change the character of the hamster, after a time that will probably seem very long to you.

You may know that the hamster breed can predict a tendency to character. The golden hamster is, of all hamster breeds, the sweetest: it can be handled quite easily. If your household has children, it is essential to supervise them and teach them to handle the small rodent with care in order to protect the animal from a possible fall.

The golden hamster is the largest hamster. The others are smaller and we can observe an increase in aggressiveness inversely proportional to the size of the rodent. It is better to just observe hamsters of other breeds rather than wanting to make them playmates. This will avoid disappointments.

You still need to have a rhythm that matches that of the hamster. You shouldn’t expect it to become part of your lifestyle. Even in captivity, the hamster remains an animal nocturnal : the main part of his activity during the day therefore consists of sleeping, even if he experiences a few awakening phases.

Choose the name of your animal

If you can come up with a list of names that you like right off the bat, it is best to make your final choice once the animal is arrived at home. It is better to take a few more hours and choose your name wisely than to rush and regret it or have to change it. When you name a living being, you recognize it as such and there is something strange about changing that name along the way, even if it has only been assigned for a few hours.

If you are with family, the name will probably be the subject of heated discussions: a good moment of exchange in perspective with the children! And if our list of 50 funny and funny names wasn’t enough for you, you can use a dictionary. It can be another way to introduce children to new words.

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