50 funny and funny names for my degus

Finding a name for the octodon or any other domestic animal the household will soon welcome can be more difficult than it sounds. One thing is certain, the name being chosen before really knowing the animal, it reflects much more the desires, the tastes and the character of its owners. To help you, here is our selection of 50 funny and funny names for your degus.

Our selection of funny and funny names for your degus

  • Eel
  • Benny – Bisby – Blacky
  • Chounia – Clavia – Coco
  • Douidi
  • Estive
  • Fafouille – Fergus – Flambard – Flavius ​​- Flocon – Fiji
  • Gipsy – Gribouille – Grisby
  • Herbi
  • Iliona
  • Lixette – Loulou – Loupiote
  • Malouine – Marcus – Martie – Mountaine
  • Nestie
  • Octavia – Octopus – Oreo – Oxima
  • Pengi – Peper – Pledsy – Ponki
  • Rickie – Ringo – Roco – Roubi – Rupee – Roxi
  • Skipy – Slami
  • Vuch
  • Wisbine – Wingo
  • Youki – Yoko – Youpette

Play from this name list

Since it is often difficult to start from scratch to come up with a name, this list can be used in several ways:

  • by going through it aloud, you choose the names that sound masculine or feminine, depending on the sex of your future degus,
  • if one of the proposals appeals to you but you find it masculine when your degus is a female, and vice versa, you can change the final tone to adapt the name: for example, by substituting a Y by an O, an A by an O
  • if a name inspires you but it’s not yet the ideal name, you stick to what you like and look for the perfect complement, or you have fun arrange between them your selections, in all directions, until you find THE name.
  • cartoons,
  • television series,
  • the deities and real personages of Antiquity.

If nothing pleases you

It is also possible that nothing you like. Let’s be positive, it’s already a start! You have already eliminated 50 proposals. What will be most productive for your search for the funny and funny name of your degus is to understand why you reject all the proposals on the list. This will guide your research.

A simple way to navigate the maze of possible names is to find a thematic which is dear to you.

It can be the cuisine: basil, parsley, cinnamon, chocolate, mint, tomato, vanilla, … It is a track often explored, perhaps not very original, but it brings satisfaction insofar as the gap between the animal and vegetable culinary creates fun.

Other themes are very promising:

The octodon is a gregarious animal that needs at least one companion, otherwise it will suffer from loneliness and waste away. In the end, these are two names that you will have to find. This can be a source of inspiration in itself to tap into famous couples in history or show business: Laurel and Hardy, Starsky and Hutch, Kidman and Cruise, Omar and Fred…

Why choose a funny and funny name for your degus?

The octodon, like many rodents, seems funny to us by the way it takes food between its front legs and nibbles it.

He lives during the day and sleeps at night: it is easier to establish contact and graduallytame. It is a very curious and playful little animal (it often goes together). He’s also smart. This is why he will integrate his name quickly, provided that you spend time with him by repeating it to him regularly.

Some owners, very patient, demonstrate the intelligence of these rodents by making them complete an obstacle course. Nothing is impossible but there is one point on which we must be vigilant: the learning of tricks is done by rewarding the animal with a food, a treat. However, the octodon is susceptible to diabetes. Yet “candy” in our human ears often rhymes with “sugar”.

The reason diabetes is so common in degus is that their owners give them too much sweet fruit. Once diabetes is triggered, the animal will need to take medication for life. You might as well save him and you from unnecessary expenses: focus on protein, even when it comes to treats.

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