50 funny and funny names for my ferret

The ferret is an intelligent, sociable and playful mustelid. With a very good memory, he will quickly be able to remember the first name you have chosen for him. Are you looking for inspiration to come up with a funny and funny name? Here are our 50 very varied proposals. If you do not find your happiness there, there is no doubt that you will at least find something to feed your thoughts!

Choose a short name

To name your pet, it is always better to choose a short name: 2 syllables are enough. The same goes for the terms used to communicate with him. Short, easy-to-repeat orders will be better integrated.

The ferret is an animal that shows curiosity and likes to hide. Particularly active, it needs space. Properly to secure the area where the ferret evolves to avoid injury, a name inspired by the storms and hurricanes that plague the planet seems quite appropriate. So you have the choice:

  • Harvey,
  • Irma,
  • Mitch,
  • Sandy,
  • Carmen,
  • José,
  • Willy.

A dose of humor

Not everyone laughs at the same things. Some find it okay to give their ferret a personal name while others find it inappropriate. However, some names are so pretty that it would be a shame to go without them to name your ferret. As its name is used frequently, it is important that it please.

The names of famous historical figures make up an interesting list, especially since using them can be understood as a tribute, while at the same time giving off a notion of humor due to the shift.

Among the names of famous people, here are some interesting suggestions:

  • Danton (the politician of the French Revolution),
  • Darwin (the naturalist behind the theory of the evolution of species),
  • Leonardo DeVinci),
  • Raphael (the painter of the Italian Renaissance),
  • Euclid (mathematician of ancient Greece),
  • Thales (at the origin of the precious theorem),
  • Plato (the ancient Greek philosopher),
  • Caesar (the Roman general),
  • Voltaire (philosopher of the Enlightenment),
  • Rousseau (author of the famous Social contract).

Here are three pretty names for a female ferret:

  • Yoko (Ono, the visual artist companion of John Lennon),
  • Nancy (Reagan, wife of the 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan),
  • Chiara (Mastroianni, daughter of Catherine Deneuve and Marcello Mastroianni),

And three names inspired by brands:

  • Tachi (inspired by the Japanese electronics company Hitachi),
  • Pepsi,
  • Coca,
  • Enzo (like racing driver Enzo Ferrari).

Here are also two slightly old names for male ferrets:


The diversion of words that appeal to you for their sound are also good starting points.

  • Milord,
  • Gust,
  • Onyx,
  • Fifine,
  • Orka,
  • Preti,
  • Waxo,
  • Moussa,
  • Berni,
  • Flexo,
  • Shamir,
  • Tari,
  • Chaki,
  • Osmo,
  • Flipsi,
  • Bisco,
  • Purple,
  • Bobi,
  • Nutsi,
  • Soki,
  • Natole,
  • Folio,
  • Bindi,
  • Franki.

Respect your ferret

Whatever name you give your ferret, the basis is to respect its basic needs.

It starts with giving it attention.

The ferret is an animal that needs to get out of its cage regularly and long enough to overcome its boredom. It is even possible to take it out for a walk with a harness.

He is a heavy sleeper who should not be disturbed during his sleep.

On the maintenance side, regular brushing of its coat will help your ferret to remove dead hair and give shine to the animal. Its claws need to be watched and cut from time to time.

By taking full care of your ferret, providing it with the necessary hygiene and maintenance, you can hope to spend 10 great years together!

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