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50 funny and funny names for my gerbil

Are you looking for ideas for calling the little gerbil that you will soon be welcoming to your home? Here are 50 suggestions for finding a funny and funny name. And since it does not say that you will find the one that suits you, we also reveal our secrets to you to compose a tailor-made name that you will enjoy using.

  • Anoub – Anouket – Assioum – Atoum
  • Bastète – Biwan – Bismuth
  • Cabrak – Chaptane – Chikane – Clépios – Cloris – Coustal
  • Dixite
  • Eoline – Ékate
  • Flipno
  • Gouri
  • Hopi
  • Indie – Inouite – Ixel
  • Junior
  • Kossou – Kissine – Korioum
  • Lakota – Liket
  • Magma – Mamoune – Maxou – Minos – Mimix
  • Neftis – Neodime
  • Ounours – Osmium
  • Ploutos
  • Rouspète – Rubi
  • Sekmète – Selene
  • Tefnut – Tonki
  • Ulrik
  • Voltane
  • Wizard
  • Xiton
  • Youmi
  • Zouni

Constraint is a source of creativity

Here you have at least an idea for 25 letters of the alphabet. We left out the Q because it is ultimately the same use as the K.

How was this list put together? We went to draw on the Egyptian gods, the Mayan gods, in the periodic table of the elements … This makes it possible to find assemblies of syllables that we rarely hear on a daily basis.

This list itself may be a starting point for your research. When a name doesn’t appeal to you as it is, you change part of it, for example replacing an A with an I, or trying another syllable in place of the one you don’t like to see what happens. .

You can also choose a thematic that is important to you. You write down all the related terms that come to mind on a piece of paper. It may be the domain of flowers, scents, flavors, a list of Indian gods or Roman gods… And then you compose new terms by giving free rein to your imagination. You don’t risk anything except ending up finding the right name for your gerbil.

The intelligence of gerbils

House gerbils are not the most intelligent species of rodents. It must be said that rats are unsurpassable! Indeed, researchers have set up a test in which rats perform better than students. Admittedly, the learning phase is longer than for humans, but once the basics were built in, the rats were able to apply what they learned more quickly.

The gerbil will only be able to integrate very simple things. It is not the ideal rodent to teach him tricks, although it is not impossible. Also the name you give to your new pet is less important than in other rodent species.

However, you will be careful to choose a short name, comprising between 2 and 3 syllables, so that the animal will eventually identify it. A first name with unusual sounds can help the animal to remember it more easily. It should be used systematically, as soon as you approach the cage, as soon as you do something there (cleaning, changing the water, etc.).

Promote the development of your gerbil

The main activity of a gerbil in the wild is to dig, its burrow and galleries, to move around in complete safety. Logically, to promote its development, you will provide it with a layer of soil thick enough for it to satisfy its instinct in captivity. He will also need material to consolidate the galleries: wooden and cotton twigs will be very useful.

In addition, it will be good for his balance of life to scatter the seeds in his cage rather than filling a feeder: this will indeed appeal to his instinct. She will seek them out and gather them in her burrow, as in nature.

How to tame your gerbil?

The gerbil is a curious animal that spends its time snooping around in the corners of its territory. It is therefore above all an animal to observe : no doubt you will enjoy watching her organize and evolve in her cage. The gerbil having a twilight lifestyle, it is especially at nightfall that it becomes active. If the rest of the time she is resting, do not wake her up.

Like many human beings who have chosen to have pets, you probably aspire to establish a special relationship with them. Gerbils first enjoy the company of their fellow human beings. If you have chosen to accommodate several gerbils, they will play a lot with each other. If a gerbil alone in its cage is more inclined to turn to you to satisfy its need for a relationship, it will also feel pain. stress. In a gregarious animal, loneliness is not always well experienced.

The gerbil is also by nature a fearful animal that will need time to get used to your presence. If she has everything she needs, and her stress level is low, meaning she is in a secure and predictable environment, she will be more willing to let herself be tamed.

When not digging, the gerbil will love to climb. Also, when you take her out of her cage, when you are sure you can put her back easily, she will be more interested in climbing on you than staying quietly in your hand to be cuddled.

Each species of animal has different needs. But these needs also differ from one individual to another. It is always difficult to generalize. You may be surprised to see the evolution of a small gerbil, shy during its first days of life with you, towards a behavior a little more reckless once it has taken its marks.

In any case, there are good times to live with your gerbil (s) that await you!

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