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50 funny and funny names for my guinea pig

Will your household soon welcome a guinea pig? So you have to find a name for your future pet. Only, it is not an easy task. So here is our selection of 50 funny and funny names to help you find the one you like.

Our selection of 50 names for your guinea pig

The guinea pig is a lively little animal with sparkling eyes: it needs a name that “snaps” and whose sounds echo its temperament. With rare exceptions, the names we suggest are therefore two syllables.

As to whether our proposals correspond better to a male or a female, the appreciation being different depending on the person, it’s up to you!

  • 5 names starting with “co” as in “cochon”: Coco, Coxie, Cockney, Costo, Costic
  • 5 names starting with “ch”, consonant that suits a hay rodent in constant chewing: Chiko, Choupi, Choubi, Choupette, Choubichou.
  • 4 names starting with D since these animals have these two letters in their name: Dundi, Dufti, Divi, Dilou
  • 7 names starting with the letter R: Rockie, Roxie, Rodi, Roumi, Rusti, Rickie, Rolli
  • 5 names starting with the letter P: Poupi, Pitouille, Pirouette, Papouille, Pinou
  • 5 names starting with the letter T: Trixie, Tonki, Tokiwok, Timi, Tedi
  • 4 names starting with the letter Z: Zoupette, Zazou, Zloumi, Zazie
  • 3 names starting with the letter Y: Youni, Youpi, Youlia
  • And to finish, 12 other names: Bidouille, Biloute, Bowling, Cacawette, Crousti, Ficelle, Glenny, Gwendo, Herbie, Kenzo, Nipi, Pirate.

Beautiful years to spend together

Well-groomed guinea pigs can expect to live between 6 and 8 years. This is of course an average: some will be able to live longer.

It is strongly recommended that you purchase your guinea pig from a breeder. Even if the cost can be a little higher than in a pet store, you can be sure of the quality of life that was offered to him during his first months. The breeder will gladly show you around his farm and you will appreciate the brightness of the premises, their cleanliness and the space offered to the animals. A healthy guinea pig is a guinea pig with a shiny coat and eyes. It goes without saying that the animal should not have hairless areas, as this is a sign of disease.

The guinea pig is said to have a character sweet and easy going. It is a gregarious animal that needs the company of its fellows in order to develop fully. Indeed, loneliness will weigh on him to the point of falling ill.

He needs your attention every day: hugs, scratches and getting out of his cage, several times in the same day, will contribute to his well-being, as long as he respects his rhythm of life and his desires. Because the guinea pig also has its own little character: it is a living animal and not a toy!

His health is generally robust, resistant to many diseases, especially if he receives a diet adapted to his needs. However, it will be necessary to keep young children away who, without being ill-intentioned, are sometimes abrupt or clumsy and can injure the animal. They can also quickly forget the instructions and find themselves carried away by the enthusiasm that will give them the joy of being around this gentle animal. The guinea pig is not a climber: its morphology is therefore not adapted to withstand the shocks of a fall. At home, a fall, even from a reduced height, can cause fractures.

His timid nature can also quickly return to a gallop, especially with people who are foreign to him. He doesn’t like the novelty. The fact of replacing his usual utensils can even slow down his consumption of water or food, to the point of endangering him due to dehydration or malnutrition.

This animal, however small it may be, really needs a large enough territory to provide hiding places in which it will feel safe in the event of panic. Also, the guinea pig can bite under the effect of surprise. A sign that does not deceive if you rush him when he does not want to: he begins to chatter his teeth. Then let him calm down without pushing it any further. But you will find that he can also purr contentedly under your caresses. As for its little squeaks, you will learn to decipher them over time.

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