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50 funny and funny names for my mouse

Finding a name for your mouse can be a real puzzle. Here is something to help you in your quest.

Take the time to choose the name of your mouse

You want a name that suits your mouse, but also a name that you like, either because you enjoy pronouncing it, or because it refers to things that appeal to you.

Even if you fall in love with a particular name, take the time to measure it against other suggestions to make sure you make the right choice. Your mouse can expect to live 3 or even 4 years and there is no question of changing it along the way.

In addition, you must know its name as soon as it arrives at your home because even if you give your mouse time to understand its environment and settle down, you will be present, next to the cage, calling it by its first name to that she gets used to your presence very quickly. This is the first step for thetame.

Our inspiration list

We voluntarily present our 50 names to you in order to mix the sounds well and to better bring out a preference for your ears. Here they are :

Sweetie, Mingo, Bombi, Sally, Bingo, Pinki, Soni, Grisi, Bloubi, Touini, Nino, Bubble, Rousti, Nina, Titine, Bichette, Tchouli, Grana, Bianki, Crapatte, Mistinguette, Mino, Ivane, Crapule, Danino, Clown, Groumi, Domino, Maggie, Croki, Veggie, Fintech, Arnold, Bodi, Flash, Oupsi, Benji, Padme, Couicko, Roxi, Flavia, Clinsi, Poncho, Grignotte, Mirtille, Saxo, Cati, Foogle, Meente, Brindille.

Need to find other ideas?

If you find that your imagination is a little “dry”, you can develop your creativity. It is indeed quite possible to stimulate, feed and enrich your imagination through exercises. They are numerous. Indeed, we live in an era where many things are possible and where the ability to innovate and create are valued.

To begin with, feed yourself from your daily life. It is frequent that the methods of creativity call to develop new experiences, to break the habits by changing, for example, from time to time the way to get to your place of work for example.

But are you already living your daily life to the fullest? Habits numb because everyday life is rich in various stimuli for the brain. Our mind is therefore very busy and to cope with the mass of information, it processes a large part of it in automatic mode. However, occasionally, you can open your perception to understand the world from another angle. So touch, listen, watch, expand your consciousness, etc. By opening up your perceptions, the brain becomes flexible. It gradually becomes easier to be creative, to think outside the box and in fine to find a funny name for your mouse.

Tools to help you find names for your mouse

Developing your creativity can take a little time and you don’t have it: your mouse is coming home very soon! You can then use name generators. On the Internet, they are numerous, free and easy to use. There are some in connection with particular universes. Online players, looking for a pseudonym or names for the different elements of the universe they develop, are in a way the same as you are with your mouse. And again, the task is easier for you: you need a few names. For players, they sometimes need a long list …

Throw in the names of stars, comic book characters, heroes from series or cartoons, etc. No one will ask for copyright or sue you, so take advantage of it!

Start from the real and divert it

The technique of distorting the known and playing with it is quite fun. Randomly take one or more words from the dictionary and write them backwards. You can do it entirely from the first names of your relatives. You will thus compose like new sound melodies among which you may find the name of your mouse.

Leave it to chance

On different pieces of paper, write syllables that sound you like. You can go up to 6, then you will cut the word to reduce it to 2 or 3 syllables, because mice will have a hard time remembering names that are too long.

Mix them up and put them together.

Read aloud the resulting words and see if some funny name for your mouse does not emerge from this random assembly.

You can also do the same exercise using a Scrabble letter game.

Giving a name to your animal is not trivial

Some sounds seem more masculine to you than others, certain combinations of syllables seem more suited to a female. It’s all about culture. There are no rules and you are free to decide.

However, beware of relatives who will try to pierce your psychology deep by analyzing the name you have chosen for your mouse. They will probably be very creative and will be able to bring out elements of your personality that you yourself would not have suspected!

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