50 funny and funny names for my rat

Are you going to welcome a rat into your home but lack the inspiration to give it a name? Here is a list of 50 funny and funny names that will help you seriously think about the question.

Getting to know the rat better to name it better

In general, rats do not have a very good press: they often remain associated with degraded health situations. They are not, however, dirt-loving animals, but thrive in places where they find food. And since humans produce a lot of waste, especially in cities where their production and collection is concentrated, it makes sense to find it snooping around in urban basements. But against all odds, rats are auxiliaries very useful in the treatment of waste. It has been estimated in Paris that they use nearly 800 tonnes of garbage per day. And without them, sewers and pipelines in large cities would quickly be clogged, implying more maintenance costs than they are now.

But if you have decided to adopt a rat, it’s probably because you see this animal from another angle, with a different perspective. It is true that by observing them with attention, by learning to know them, they no longer necessarily appear as repulsive animals. Certainly, some people cannot overcome the disgust they feel at their sight: in the same way that there are people who hate spiders, without really knowing why, in the end, there are individuals who cannot stand not their thick and often hairless tails, or the rather massive testicles of male rats.

In some areas of the world, rats can be consumed : this is the case in rural communities in Southeast Asia, India and Africa. In the West, this was only the case in times of war and famine. Beyond this food aspect, rats are also used to save human lives, thanks to the combination of an exceptional sense of smell and great intelligence.

The usefulness of rats

Gambian giant rats are thus used to detect anti-personnel mines. Their weight of less than 1.5 kg prevents mines from exploding and their smell, more developed than that of a dog, makes them very effective in detecting bombs.

They are also used in Tanzania and Mozambique to detect tuberculosis. Here again, it is thanks to their sense of smell that they are able to detect the presence of infectious agents in sputum, and this with a higher success rate than that of laboratory assistants studying slides under a microscope: 67% against 48%.

The rat as a symbol

In India, Ganesh, an elephant-headed deity, is one of the most popular deities. However, his mount is a rat, which is seen as an animal ingenious and curious. It promotes access to knowledge. As a result, in India rats are more visible than in the West. In Rajasthan, a local legend says that rats are the reincarnations of the sadhvi Karni Mata. The temple dedicated to him logically swarms with rats, the number of which is estimated at 20,000.

In Chinese astrology, the rat is the first animal in the zodiac cycle. In the legend, the animal would have obtained this place of choice thanks to its cunning.

In Japan, the rat is the messenger of Daikokuten, an important deity of wealth, commerce and exchange.

Our list of 50 funny and funny names for your Rat

The preceding lines are enough to inspire you to find a name for a rat.

  • Mouchika is the name of the rat vehicle of Ganesh
  • Nezoumi is a Japanese term for rats (but also mice)
  • Cabbage is the Chinese term for rats (and like in Japan, also mice)

Beyond these three exotic names, the notion of intelligence appears to be a great source of inspiration. Indeed, the sound [ra] starts with many words in French, which opens up the prospect of good word games.

  • the Bougri rat (stunted)
  • the rat Commodus (like the Roman emperor who lived in the 2nd half of the 2nd century AD)
  • the Coursi rat (shortened)
  • the rat Klette (especially for raclette cheese lovers)
  • the Rat Diator
  • the Dical rat
  • the rat Dote
  • the Fale rat
  • the Fermi rat (name which pays homage to the Italian physicist Enrico Fermi, famous for his work in quantum mechanics)
  • the fistole rat
  • the rat Gou
  • the rat Speed, because he is rat-pide
  • the Lenti rat
  • the rat Lume
  • the rat Molli
  • the rat Pass (for raptor)
  • the Fia rat (named after raffia, this string made from palm leaves)
  • the rat Porter (pronounced “porter”, like the American name, the pun is more subtle…)
  • the rat Zade
  • the Zemotte rat (short for those who have not followed)
  • the rat Skasse
  • the rat Spoutine (Rasputin)
  • the rat Tatine
  • the rat Tatouille (necessarily …)
  • the rat Ture
  • the rat vigote
  • the Violi rat

The developed sense of smell of rats is a second source of inspiration: according to your tastes, you have the choice! These are perhaps mostly consonances more suited to a female. It all depends on how these names sound in your ears.

  • Myrrh
  • Bergamot
  • Mahonia
  • Sandalwood
  • Mimo (for mimosa)
  • Ylang
  • Lemon balm
  • Benzoin
  • Vanilla
  • Anise
  • Tonka
  • Cinnamon
  • Amyris
  • Mint
  • Patchouli

Finally, we can look for the series that gave life to very intelligent characters:

  • Sherlock, the famous detective
  • Dr. House, the diagnostic specialist deployed as an investigation
  • Yagami, named Light Yagami, brilliant high school student in the series Death Note
  • Rick, like the old scientist from the cartoon Rick and Morty
  • Sheldon, gifted geek physicist Big Bang Theory
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