6 ideas to equip your patio at a very low price!

The terrace, even more for those who live in the city, is a place of its own, like a corner of nature at home. Having your own terrace is a real luxury, because you can relax there in summer, listen to birdsong and just soak up the sun. The sun is shining and the days and nights are getting hotter. You would dream of a heavenly outdoor space, an idyllic terrace. You can imagine it already. The ideas are there. But the budget does not follow. How to equip your terrace for an affordable amount? What are the ideas at low cost. Whether you have a terrace overlooking a garden, a terrace on the roof of a building or even a large balcony and you want to equip it, you will find here something to stimulate your creativity and rich ideas on a low budget.

1 – Stock up on plants

It almost goes without saying that no patio can do without plants. Green plants and abundantly flowered transform your patio into a natural oasis that automatically puts you in a good mood. You can save money if you stay attentive to the offerings of garden centers or garden stores. Because in spring and summer, these teaches offer you unbeatable offers. You can also ask your friends or family if they can provide you with plant cuttings to decorate your patio. You can then use these branches of flowers and green plants to decorate your patio as you wish. As long as you have a bushy and climbing plant, at the same time you make sure you have a screen, enough to protect you from outside looks.

2 – Have fun transforming everyday objects into flowerpots

Of course, you need the right flower pots for your plants. For reasons of budget, do not choose the rather expensive commercial ones. Let your creativity work and long live the DIY (Do It Yourself). Many everyday items in your home, kitchen or cellar are ideal for reusing in flowerpots. Think of old dishes found at Emmaüs or in flea markets, or simply those of your grandmother. Tin boxes also work well. Just like old zinc watering cans. You can push the originality to opt for old shoes or boots, baskets, teapots. There is no real limit to your creativity in this area. You are sure to be the only one to have this type of floral decoration. A unique decoration, almost free of charge.

3 – Beautify the floor of your terrace quickly and inexpensively

If your terrace is already existing, it is difficult for you to imagine changing the coating. If your patio is cold and gray concrete, you may have thought about equipping it with a beautiful wood or a pretty stone. However, these two types of coatings are often associated with high costs. Nevertheless, even on a limited budget, you can find solutions to make your patio floor more attractive. Lay a tile. Try to see the classifieds, some are selling for quite low prices. And then, you can combine the colors to once again create a unique floor, which will only belong to you and that you will have had the pleasure of creating. A magnificent mosaic with which you are sure to catch all eyes. Otherwise, you can go for outdoor rugs. In addition to embellishing the floor of your terrace, they will make it much more pleasant to walk on.

4 – Also create a nice atmosphere in the evening

On balmy summer nights, you will surely like to sit under the starry sky on your terrace. In this case, you can create a pleasant atmosphere with romantic lighting. Tealight candles, floating candles, lanterns or fairy lights are ideal for this. Do you still have an old Christmas light garland? So keep using it, even in summer! You can decorate it with a few flowers. Thus, it will be as decorative by day as by night.

5 – Treat yourself to good quality garden furniture

Your old patio furniture is not as attractive as it used to be and are you therefore looking for new furniture items, which are rather inexpensive? If you want to save money, buy only very high quality furniture that you will keep for a long time. Of course, the acquisition costs will be a little higher, but your purchase will quickly pay for itself. Of course, you have to be happy to own this garden furniture. If, on the other hand, you buy inexpensive furniture that is not weatherproof, it will soon not look better, so you will have to renew it quickly. And then treat yourself to furniture that goes with the rest.

6 – choose few tasteful accessories

You only need a small amount of accessories to decorate your patio affordably. To make your outdoor space more comfortable in no time, only a few creative ideas can help. For example, add colorful patterned cushions to showcase your wooden patio furniture. You can also customize old bottles to make pretty vases. How about choosing a few cacti to give your patio an exotic air? It’s not the little things that will cost you dearly. So experiment, have fun finding the decoration that suits you.