6 mistakes not to make when planning your kitchen

You have the kitchen of your dreams in mind and only aspire to one thing: to be able to make it happen. However, the day that all of this becomes possible, the task can seem stressful. You are faced with many unknowns: how to get started in such a project? If you are asking yourself such questions, this post is for you. We’ve compiled the don’ts for a successful kitchen layout or renovation. Consider these few lines as a starting point to follow as you develop your project and keep them handy once the work is underway. Our 6 mistakes not to make will help you design a space that is both functional and aesthetic.

1 – forgetting to consider your lifestyle

When you think of your kitchen layout, you have something finished in mind: professional-grade stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and a huge island. While there’s nothing wrong with you considering such a kitchen, it’s still important to keep in mind that it’s not your only option. Don’t get stuck on an idea and above all think about how you and those around you will actually use your kitchen. Maybe your kids will do their homework there and you should set up a dedicated area? Maybe you entertain often and need a long dining table to accommodate your guests? Whatever your personal needs, be sure to incorporate them into your planning.

2 – neglect your budget

This is true for all landscaping projects, but is especially true for kitchens. On average, your installation or renovation will cost you a few thousand euros. So make sure you spend them wisely. You can make two lists: the essentials and the wish lists. Then evaluate each of the imagined projects and compare with your budget. The lists will allow you to see where to invest most of your budget and where to try to save.

3 – Ignoring the “staging”

How to arrange your different elements is something crucial. And often overlooked. Unless you go through a kitchen designer. It doesn’t matter how good your new refrigerator is if you can’t fully open it because your countertop is in your way. To make sure that your new space is well laid out as it should and that it “works”, go to a kitchen designer or hire a decorator who will help you establish a plan, a real scenario of your kitchen. However, if you opt for the DIY – Do It Yourself, that is to say the version “by yourself” – we recommend that you also organize a “space” before you start shopping. To do this, take the measurements to give you an idea of ​​the space that each element will take.

4 – Minimize storage space

The kitchen is often the most crowded place in the house. Between all the cooking utensils and food storage, you often find that you don’t have enough room to store what you need. So think about storage! There are both functional and stylish storage elements. Take stock of what you use every day and what you need on hand and what can be stored away because it is used very occasionally. Then think about how you want to put it all together.

5 – do not give importance to lighting

When you focus on displaying your scale, controlling the oven temperature, and simply chopping vegetables, you’re glad you can do it easily. So try to remove all light and see the consequence. All of these tasks will be made more difficult without proper lighting. So do not ignore light sources. Make sure they are sufficient. Project yourself into your future kitchen to know where to install the light. Of course, you will install one above your cooktop, probably near the sink and above your island if you plan to have one. And then think about your personal preferences and habits. For children’s homework and entertaining friends, maybe you need special lighting in this place?

6 – Lack of boldness in the layout

If you are fitting out your kitchen, it is because you are going to invest it for a while. So have fun, enjoy it, dare what makes you happy. Choose a colorful island or graphic tiling to infuse the space with a bit of your personality. If you are fitting out your kitchen to resell it or have a plan to leave your home within a few years, you always have the option of setting your sights on accessories. Consider adding original lighting, patterned rugs or furniture that is out of the ordinary. The main thing is that you feel good there.

Planning a kitchen can seem overwhelming. Since this is usually one of the most used rooms in the house, it is also thought of in terms of resale potential. So we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to make sure everything is perfect. If you anticipate and plan things out, everything should fall into place naturally. Avoid the 6 mistakes above and your cooking will be very successful!