8 out of 10 holidaymakers plan to stay in France in 2021

In 2020, 90% of French people who went on vacation stayed in France. In 2021, the share of “hexagonal” should decrease but still remain high (79%), tells us the consulting firm VVF Engineering.

Holidays: the mountains and the countryside gain ground in favor of the sea

As the Covid-19 epidemic rages, spending your vacation without leaving France seems like a psychologically comforting choice. In 2020, 90% of holidaymakers chose to spend their holidays in France, compared to 76% in 2019. In 2021, the wave of “staying in France” should ebb somewhat, and 79% of holidaymakers plan to stay again in France. Only 21% plan to go abroad, mainly to Europe (15% of all holidaymakers), reveals the consulting firm VVF Ingénierie.

So where did these “hexagons” go in 2020? If the sea remains the favorite destination of the French, it has lost ground (40% in 2020 against 48% in 2019) in favor of the mountains (31% in 2020 against 22% in 2019) and the countryside (28% against 23% in 2019). As for the big cities, surprisingly, in 2020 they attracted more (7% against 1% in 2019).

In 2021, 1 in 3 holidaymakers will book at the last minute

What about the departure intentions in 2021? The mountains seem to have seduced the French since 28% intend to repeat the experience in 2021. The countryside has, on the other hand, been much less convincing: if 28% of holidaymakers have opted for the countryside in 2020, only 18% say they want to return there in 2021.

Further proof that the Covid-19 has upset holiday habits, the French are no longer rushing to make their reservations. While 20% of French people who plan to go on vacation within six months say they book now, 38% will do so one month before their departure and 10% one week before. Almost a third will wait until the last minute to make their reservations. As for the motivations of holidaymakers, 39% above all want a change of scenery, 36% would like to find nature while 26% will simply opt for the cheapest holidays.

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