8 signs that your dog is happy!

A dog is a very popular pet of the French. Man’s best friend is close to his master and makes him happy. But how do you know if your dog is too? Sometimes, activities and a good diet are not enough. Canines also need love! Discover the 8 signs that your dog is happy!

1 – your dog wags his tail

If your dog wags his tail, chances are he is happy. But beware, wagging your tail can have several meanings. If your canine wags it because he is happy, according to specialists, the tail swings from side to side at an angle of about 120 °. But rest assured, even if you are not an expert in mathematics, you will know how to recognize if your dog is happy! Does your dog have a very short tail, or no tail at all? He will show you his happiness by wiggling his posterior. If in addition to wagging his tail, your dog is spinning around you, then there is no longer any doubt: he is happy!

2 – your dog has dilated pupils

If you find that your dog’s pupils are dilated, fear not! Your companion does not abuse illegal substances, he is just happy. The happiness of dogs can always be seen in the eyes. They are full of life and always look at you with great affection.

3 – your dog is excited

A happy dog ​​is a very expansive dog. If you notice that your companion is jumping, running, playing, circling, or barking (very briefly), do not brake him. He tries to communicate with you about his happiness.

4 – Your dog communicates with you

A happy dog ​​is a confident dog. He will appreciate communicating with you. How? ‘Or’ What ? By bringing you his favorite toy to play with or by drawing your attention. It is also possible that your dog gives you the paw without your asking. Take the time to play or cuddle with her. However, remember to stay in control! It’s up to you to decide when it all ends.

5 – Your dog obeys you

A happy dog ​​is an obedient dog. Be careful, we are not talking here of a dog who obeys under duress but of a dog who obeys out of love. He tries to make you happy. He respects you because in return you take care of him.

6 – your dog is cuddly

A dog is not naturally very cuddly. However, when his owners get him used to being cuddled, he appreciates and returns this affection. A happy dog ​​will pick you up for a hug. He will seek your presence but also and above all a contact.

In general, if your dog is happy, he will seek your presence without sticking to you permanently. He can sit or lie down in the room you are in.

7 – Your dog is wise when he is alone at home

A happy dog ​​has no problem being left alone. Whether you are away for ten minutes or a few hours, he will not do anything stupid. He is confident because he knows you will come home. A dog filled with happiness is also a dog who behaves well when entertaining in your home.

8 – Your dog eats well

A happy dog ​​is a dog that eats well. Also, if your dog has a good appetite, he is doing very well. In addition, a happy dog ​​appreciates walks, games or even family outings.

How to make your dog happy?

To make your dog happy, you need to give him attention. Even though he should be seen as an animal and not a human, he is a member of the family and has a place in your home. You have to :

  • feed it and therefore meet its nutritional needs by opting for adapted formulas,
  • take him for a walk every day so that he can do his needs but also exercise,
  • cuddle him,
  • play with it to bond.

It is also important that your dog has everything you need in your home. Consider setting up a rest area for it with a basket or cushion. His rest area must be in the living space but not in the passage. In addition, it is necessary to provide toys and a dining area with a bowl for food and one for water. A happy dog ​​is also a healthy dog. Have him monitored by a veterinarian, make sure his vaccines are up to date and that he is wormed every quarter.

If you find that your dog is changing his behavior and is in low spirits, then contact the vet to make sure there is no problem.