8 tips to make your dog cuddly

The dog is man’s best friend, that’s true, but only on condition that you are his best friend as well. So, to have a furball of affection, it is essential to strengthen the bond that unites you and to respect its mode of communication.

Because if most dogs are inclined to caresses, taste buds, kisses and other displays of love, others may be more measured or simply not want to. Here are 8 tips to make your dog cuddly.

Tip # 1: never mistreat your dog

It is obvious, and yet, still too many masters believe that only the hard way is worth. However, it is quite the opposite that occurs, a manhandled or beaten dog associates the human hand with a threat. Goodbye hugs, hello bites.

It is therefore absolutely essential that you never raise your hand on your dog. You must be firm, give short and simple orders. You can also take a deep intonation and raise your voice slightly. But don’t type mistreat your dog if you hope to make him your lifelong companion.

Tip 2: create a living space for it

Like any living being, your dog needs to rest, to sleep, to be alone at times. This allows it to recharge its batteries. He naturally doesn’t want to be disturbed during these quiet moments.

It is therefore important that he has a living space just for him. It can be a niche, a cage, a cushion, a dedicated room. Regardless, this is where he enjoys absolute tranquility. Understand that he is not available and respect his privacy.

Tip # 3: feed your dog well

This advice is obvious, but getting enough food is essential to be in good shape. Thanks to a balanced diet in sufficient quantity, he is much more open to cuddling sessions, since he is not torn by the call of the stomach.

Plus, your dog is grateful for the food you give him. He loves you because you take good care of him and he feels safe around you. Always opt for premium quality meals to promote good health.

Tip # 4: associate hugs with rewards

When educating your dog, use positive reinforcement. When he successfully learns new things, you can offer him a treat and congratulate him, but you can also take the opportunity to stroke him.

Very quickly, your dog will understand that good behavior gives him a soft and pleasant hand. He will know very well how to associate your hand with hugs. If you are enthusiastic, he sees that he pleases you, and that’s good, because he loves to please his master.

Tip # 5: play with your dog

Your dog loves to play, and games strengthen the bond between you. A ball, a pouic pouic, a rope, or a simple piece of wood can make her happy. Feel free to play with him as soon as you are available.

Your dog may have a favorite toy, such as a child strapped to his blanket. In this case, take the opportunity to buy it in duplicate if you can, and do not hesitate to regularly use this support that he adores so much.

Tip 6: take your dog for a walk

Whether your dog is a great athlete or a little walker, walks are essential to his balance. They allow him to spend and empty his excess energy, but also to get used to any type of environment.

A minimum of two daily walks is recommended. And good news, it’s also good for your owner’s health to get some fresh air and walk every day, so no excuses, go out with your companion.

If your dog is a walker or runner at heart, treat him to great weekend hikes. He will be the happiest of dogs, and happiness promotes contact and cuddling, so it’s good for both of you.

Tip # 7: Socialize Your Dog

Canine socialization is to promote interactions within and between species. It is therefore important that he gets along well with humans, but also with his congeners and other animals in the house if you have them (such as cats).

First, let your dog follow you if it pleases him. It is at your feet when you work, it lies at the bottom of your bed during a nap, it stays nearby when you garden, etc. In short, your dog is always happier when he is with you. You could even bring him to work if you are an employee, more and more companies accept that we bring their companion to the office.

Then you need to help him socialize by putting him in contact with other dogs. Walks in a park or on the beach are ideal for promoting discussion. Let him sniff the behind of the dog he crosses, this is their way of getting to know each other and recognizing each other. Likewise, consider visiting a friend who has a dog, they will take the opportunity to tame and play together.

Tip 8: learn to decode the refusal of hugs

Your dog is tired, is feeling sick, or just wants to be alone. These moments are completely normal and it is essential to take them into account. If your companion is not available for hugs, he lets you know by several signals.

It is very important to be attentive, here are several behaviors adopted by the canine gente to alert you of a refusal of caresses:

  • Your dog is sleeping: do not disturb him under any circumstances,
  • Your dog looks away or starts yawning,
  • Your dog leaves his nose or his lips,
  • Your dog lowers his ears or has his tail between his paws,
  • Your dog recoils or growls, etc.

Wait until he is available and respect his need for peace. Otherwise, your dog could become aggressive or bite you.

There you have 8 keys to make your dog cuddly. In short, take good care of him and respect his needs, he will undoubtedly be comfortable and very affectionate in return!