9 apartment games to keep your cat from getting bored!

Just like us, the cat is an animal that needs to exercise. An apartment cat will tend to be less active than an animal with access to the outdoors or living in a house. Although you give him a balanced diet, he needs exercise to stay in shape and fight boredom.

There is only one person who can help your cat stay in shape: their human. You must transform yourself into a real sports coach and to help you, we have selected nine games that are all the rage in the playground litter boxes!

Game n ° 1: A feather duster

This simple stick with its colorful feathers hanging from its end will drive your cat crazy. Wave it in front of it and it will pounce on it as if it were hunting prey.

There are a multitude of models in the trade. Material, color of the feathers, the handle, attractive textures, you will undoubtedly find the one that will suit your four-legged friend the best.

Game n ° 2: A fishing rod

Just like the feather duster, the cat fishing rod is a simple game that will drive your pet completely crazy.

Its elastic string at the end of which is hung a toy, feathers or even a ribbon, will stimulate your companion like never before. Let him catch his prey, pull the fishing rod to let it go and discover your cat’s stunt skills.

There are also models that can be hooked up to allow your cat to play in your absence.

When you have found the ideal duster, or the ideal fishing rod, do not hesitate to buy several copies, these toys sometimes have a limited lifespan.

Game n ° 3: A candy dispenser toy

Nothing better to stimulate your cat than a ball full of treats. After the first moments of observation, your companion will quickly realize that a reward awaits him as soon as he interacts with the ball. What make him want to play!

Combining pleasure with gluttony is always a winning choice for your companion. Only put dry food in the food dispenser toy to facilitate washing.

Game n ° 4: A laser for cats

Remember the hilarious videos of cats running behind a red light spot? Well, with a laser you can drive your pet crazy and run around the house. A laser pointer costs only a few dollars, it is an economical solution that will make your cat happy. Remember to give him a little treat at the end of his exercise.

Note that there are also automatic cat lasers. Your four-legged friend will be able to have fun, even in your absence!

However, be careful when using this device as the beam could damage your companion’s eyes as well as yours. This is why it is necessary to choose one designed especially for animals.

Game n ° 5: A ping-pong ball

Simple, efficient and inexpensive, the ping-pong ball will keep your cat occupied for a long time. Its lightness and its ability to bounce will lead your cat in endless chases. This small slippery ball will escape from the claws of your companion as soon as he thinks he has seized his prey.

You can also use a bouncing ball, but watch out for fragile objects and pieces that it could inadvertently ingest!

Game n ° 6: A wall course

Aren’t you afraid to punch holes in your wall? So get started! No need to be a great handyman to make a wall course. All it takes is a few boards, set squares, dowels, a spirit level and a little imagination.

Your cat will love to explore, climb and, to the satisfaction of a feline, dominate the room by settling in height. A real amusement park for happy tomcats.

Game n ° 7: A cat tree

An excellent alternative to the wall course, the traditional cat tree has the advantage of not requiring you to drill holes in your wall.

You will find all sizes in stores. From the simplest with a single platform to the most sophisticated with baskets and various niches, here is a real playground for entertaining, resting and hiding.

Some cat trees even include hanging toys. In addition, the trunks often act as a scratching post. No doubt, the cat tree is an essential versatile toy for your cat.

Game n ° 8: A circuit for cats

With a play circuit, your cat will circulate a ball over a more or less long course with its paw. There are different forms. From the simple round to the circuit with loops, curves, slopes and even floors.

It is a very stimulating game and your pet will spend long minutes trying to catch this ball.

Game n ° 9: A cat mint mouse

Your companion will not resist a little mouse garnished with cat mint. This toy, stimulating his hunting instinct, will keep him going for a long time. Finally, he will proudly bring his prey as a trophy to his resting place. What to make a cat filled!

With all these ideas, your apartment cat should never get bored for a single moment! The only limit is that of your imagination, because you will be able to invent many others by observing the preferences of your cat by dint of playing with him …