9 ideas for storing the shoes of the whole family

Is maintaining order in the area where you store your shoes an impossible task for you? Are “shoe closet” and “chaos” two words that you can easily combine in one sentence? Would you like this to be ancient history and your shoe closet to be crisp? What if you replaced the word “chaos” with the word “order”?

A tip before any storage: make an inventory

Do you also have a completely disorganized entrance due to your countless pairs of shoes? But do all those shoes really have to be there? Do you have the right organization? Before putting away the shoes for the whole family, take a first step towards more order. Start by correctly sorting each pair’s pairs. To help you, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • When was the last time I wore these shoes?
  • How many times have I worn these shoes so far?
  • When do I wear these shoes?
  • Summer or winter shoes?
  • Are these shoes still in good condition?

Make different piles: The sneakers or shoes that you wear every day should stay in an accessible place – the entrance, the hallway, the closet, you will see that. For more chic shoes, hiking or running shoes that you haven’t worn in months or that you use occasionally, opt for a box that you can store in a higher, deeper place. , in short, less accessible. As for shoes that you no longer wear but are still in good condition, you can resell them or give them away.

For the rest, here are X ideas for storing your shoes:

1 – Hooks to store your shoes

If you tend to store your shoes in your hallway, in a locker room where you store bags and coats, hooks might be suitable for you because not only could you hang your jackets and bags there, but you could also intelligently store your shoes there. Arranged one above the other, your hooks would provide room for a lot of shoes on a wall. This variant is particularly suitable for small corridors with little floor space. You can get hooks at any good hardware or furniture store. You can also build this simple shoe storage system yourself from wooden planks and hooks and tailor it to your dimensions. Do It Yourself or custom home made.

2 – Shoes stored in your staircase

Are you building your house? Think about this option: make custom stairs that at each step include a drawer that can be opened and allows you to store your shoes. Both very clever and invisible. It is understood that it is difficult to fit this solution into an existing dwelling.

3 – Shoe storage under your bed

Are you running out of space in the hallway or just want to clean it up? Maybe there is still room under your bed. If so, with the help of a folding box, you can neatly store shoes that you might not wear that often. You can opt for drawers on casters, which will allow you to get your shoes out easily without having to crawl on the dusty floor under the bed. Then again, if you’re feeling like a handyman, you can build the system yourself.

4 – Space-saving shoe storage in a corner

Do you have an unoccupied corner or corner of a room that is not particularly visible, perhaps on the side of your entrance? In this case, use it this way: make or have made shelves at the size of this angle and which are adjusted to the size of the largest pair of shoes to be stored there. Choose the distance between two shelves, in other words two shelves, so that you can comfortably place your pairs of shoes. In order for there to be a certain harmony, choose the same spacing between all the shelves.

5 – Shoe rack made from PVC tubes

Rather than cramming the family’s shoes into the bottom of an old wardrobe, create a modern and aesthetic storage. Collect or buy PVC tubes that you can get by the meter in a hardware store or a DIY store. Equip yourself with a saw, manual or hacksaw for a clean cut. Divide the tube into equal sections. They should be at least as long as your largest pair of shoes. Then hang the sections with each other with special PVC glue, the ideal being to press your construction against a wall.

6 – Hang shoes on the door of the room

So that everything is in its place and your shoes are tidy, you can invest inexpensively in a storage system with compartments. There are such systems that you can hang on doors or on the wall. It’s a particularly space-saving method that can free you up space in an entryway or hallway. So you get into the habit of always putting your shoes back in the same place and no longer wasting time looking for them. In addition visually, you are no longer encumbered by these shoes that hang around everywhere. These hanging storage systems are available in fabric or plastic. The latter being of lower costs.

7 – put pictures on shoe boxes

Are you the shoe store type with an incredible number of pairs at your disposal? Play this act to the end. Take a picture of each of your pairs of shoes and stick their picture on boxes. So each pair is in its own box, which displays its own photo. You then find the pair you need very easily. If white boxes aren’t your thing, you can customize each of your shoe boxes yourself.

8 – Make your own wooden shoe rack

If you don’t have a lot of room for a huge shoe rack or a lot of budget, then the DIY wooden shoe rack solution is the solution for you. You need rounded wooden sticks that you hold vertically so that your shoes can fit next to each other. Consider treating the wood with a varnish. This will protect your shoe rack from moisture and at the same time preserve the natural look of the wood.

9 – Personalized shoe baskets for the whole family

Do you have children who don’t put their shoes away but prefer to leave them on the floor and you are tired of seeing all those shoes scattered and not put away? What if the simple solution was to install a bench in your hallway or entryway, under which everyone has their own personal shoe basket? You put your shoes on and off on the bench, then they go straight into your own basket and all of a sudden they disappear neatly under the bench.

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