9 ideas to hide an unsightly wall!

A beautiful day, you bask in your haven of peace for a well-deserved relaxation break. Everything is there to have a good time. The only downside: this unattractive wall that irreparably catches your eye. It is stained, aging, deteriorated, too imposing, does not integrate harmoniously with its environment, or more up to date; the reasons can be many and, anyway, this wall displeases you and ruins the potential of your interior or exterior. How to hide it or embellish it? Some tips to reproduce to transform and sublimate this unsightly wall so that your cocoon regains all its splendor and charm, even a certain cachet!

Embellishing a wall: some prerequisites all the same!

Before considering an embellishment worthy of an interior decorator or a landscaper, there are certain elements that should be ascertained.

The property

Who owns this famous wall? If it is yours, then you can let your creative spirit do the talking. On the other hand, if you are a tenant, or if this unsightly wall belongs to your neighbor, the possibilities of dressing it are much more limited. If your relationship with your neighbor or your landlord is very cordial, it may be worth exchanging to consider joint work, financial participation, or simply an agreement.

The state of damage of the wall

Measuring the degree of weathering of the wall is essential. On an exterior wall, it can be a simple paint that peels off with the elements, in which case the embellishment can give free rein to your decorating desires. On the other hand, the options are fatally reduced if the wall is in such a state of degradation that it threatens to collapse. It may therefore be necessary to have it assessed by an expert, and in certain cases, the finding will be final: only demolition will be possible.

Urban planning rules

Depending on the work planned, it is important to consult the Local Urban Planning Plan (PLU) of your municipality to know the restrictions in this area. Certain works, in particular visible from the public highway, may require sending a prior request for works to the municipal or inter-municipal planning service. Note that in the event of non-compliance with the PLU, the town planning services may ask you to restore your development to its initial state. Better to take precautions.

The budget

The force of the war ! And yes, like any project, setting your budget is essential before starting any work, especially if it is carried out by a company or if you take up the challenge of Do itYourself. But rest assured, low budget does not mean impossible work, on the contrary!

Magnify a space: how to decorate this unsightly wall?

It’s spoiling the scene, it’s time to act! Several techniques are available to you to restore all its charm to this degraded wall.

1 – A good cleaning

If the degraded wall is in good condition, just stained, where the paint is crumbling or where foam has developed, a good cleaning can give it a boost. It can be done by you at the karcher for example, or by a professional who can use biodegradable detergents and strippers. Also, we can sand it, fill any cracks with a coating, or apply a treatment in the event of mold, for example. Whatever the planning, cleaning the wall remains an essential step for a beautiful rendering and beautiful finishes.

2 – Plant

It is obviously the ornament par excellence. What better than a few ornamental plants to hide a degraded wall? Vigilance is however required on the choice of plants. Do not hesitate to seek advice from a gardener who will provide you with all the necessary expertise, in particular according to the orientation of the wall, its exposure to the sun, and the necessary maintenance.

  • Outdoor climbing plants: With shades of green, yellow, red, orange, they can be of various colors, of all shapes and of all kinds, with evergreen or not, or even bloom in spring or summer. The most popular include Honeysuckle, Virginia Creeper, Passionflower, Climbing Hydrangeas, Star Jasmine, Bougainvillea or of course Ivy. create new damage.
  • The green wall : Also called “vertical garden” or “living wall”, it is THE design trend par excellence. Often, it will have a more poetic and artistic aim; sometimes we will try to make it into a real work of art. To achieve this, it is not uncommon for it to be semi-artificial. For the outdoor one, it also has an ecological purpose, often serving as a refuge or pantry for birds.
  • Outdoor hedges : They are less trendy because they require regular maintenance, but they remain an effective means of concealing a vis-à-vis, and also an unsightly wall.

3 – Wall cladding

It pleases both indoors and outdoors. The wall cladding can be brick, wood, natural or reconstituted stone. Very fashionable, it adds a cozy and designer touch to the surrounding space. Its downside: its cost. It is a more expensive and meticulous arrangement to achieve. A point of vigilance is to be brought to the state of degradation of the wall. The wall cladding is very heavy, it should be fixed on a sturdy and healthy wall.

4 – Lattice

It is a wooden cross frame which can bring a real aesthetic added value to the chosen ornament. We can intertwine climbing plants, or hang flower pots, succulents or herbs.

5 – Painting of surfaces

This is probably the fastest and easiest way to spruce up your wall, however, for the perfect finish, consider sanding, coating, and then re-sanding any imperfections. Indoors, trendy techniques can be used to conceal flaws, in particular by delimiting three or four different colors with triangles. Outdoors, if you want to repaint the wood coating, consider that you will need a lick of paint every year so as not to let it peel.

6 – Wood or PVC coating

  • The wood coating : Its raw and natural appearance makes it very trendy and what is more, rather simple to achieve. If you choose this type of coating, pay attention to the species chosen and the quality of the wood. Outdoors, exotic wood is not recommended for this type of decoration. Make sure it is treated to withstand the vagaries of the weather, or opt for American Red Cedar or Chestnut, which are resinous woods that are naturally resistant to bad weather and do not require any maintenance. Indoors, the wood paneling is fixed using screws or a special wood glue.
  • Composite or PVC cladding : As for the wood coating, this equally modern and design technique is also very resistant to bad weather.

7 – Wallpaper

Everything seems to come back in fashion one day. In any case, this is the case with wallpaper. If it had been relayed to the row of out-of-date dressings a few years ago, it is now very fashionable to give an identity to an interior room with many patterns from the most sober to the most flashy. all tastes, mainly on a single wall in a room. A word of advice: Prefer it in glass cloth or expanded vinyl on a damaged wall to less reveal the defects. Finally, to facilitate installation, consider opting for seamless wallpaper.

8 – Wall plaster

Several types of decorative plaster exist such as stucco which is an imitation of marble, lime plaster which is an indoor and outdoor material, or even tadelakt which is a permeable plaster that can be applied to anything. type of interior surface. Irrigating the plaster irregularly can help conceal any persistent imperfections.

9 – Ornaments

No obligation to embark on major laborious and / or expensive work. Sometimes a few well-chosen ornaments can go a long way. A few shelves, a bookcase, picture frames, mirrors, hats, wall lights, paintings or canvases, or even trinket niches, anything goes. Diversify the ornaments while maintaining cohesion to create a warm space.

Obviously, all these proposals can be combined for the most creative minds. Dare to use a patio wall painted in forest green, partly decorated with a wooden trellis decorated with planters. Place a pretty palm tree in a corner and you’re done. The wall becomes a real design element and brings character to a previously dull and soulless space!

So, before you laze around in front of your wonder, roll up your sleeves and be inventive!

On your marks, get set, decorate!