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A Chinese bowl bought for 35 dollars, estimated between 300,000 to 500,000 dollars

The purchase of this Chinese bowl was a very, very good deal for this American. Bought for $ 35 at a yard sale in Connecticut, the bowl will go up for auction on March 17, 2021 and has been estimated at between $ 300,000 and $ 500,000.

A bowl estimated at $ 300,000 minimum

Who would have thought that a little walk in a garage sale in Connecticut in the United States could bring in so much? An American there, bought a chinese bowl for 35 dollars, curious he had it appraised by the famous auction house Sotheby’s. After photographic and then physical examination, it was considered that this small bowl with blue floral motifs was none other than a 15th century bowl from the court of the third emperor of the Ming dynasty, Emperor Yongle.

The coin to be auctioned on March 17, 2021 has been estimated at between $ 300,000 and $ 500,000. A sum much higher than the purchase price which is explained by the rarity of the object which risks attracting to the sale of many private collectors but also museum representatives.

A bowl that only exists in six copies around the world

Angela McAteer, head of Chinese arts at Sotheby’s in New York, told AFP that this vase was recognizable thanks to its shape but also thanks to the floral motif ” very distinctive “. An extremely rare bowl that until now only existed in six copies around the world. Five copies are exhibited in museums in Taipei, London and Tehran. The latter belongs to a private collector, Angela McAteer confirms that it was ” last seen on the market in 2007 “.

It is not so rare that this kind of piece of Chinese art is found by chance since many objects were entrusted to families when they left for the West in the 19th century, before being transmitted and forgotten. .

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