A new energy label for household appliances – EconomyMatin

Since Monday, the mandatory labeling of household appliances has changed the system for measuring their energy consumption.

A new classification for measuring energy consumption

Gone are the A +++ refrigerators, dishwashers or washing machines that gave us good conscience, and justified higher prices than their less virtuous counterparts, A, or A +. Europe, to which we owe this classification, has erased everything. From now on the evaluation grid for devices starts at A and ends at G and it is this news energy label which comes into force.

The problem is, the ratings don’t mean the same thing anymore, because the testing procedures aren’t the same! Thus, a device rated A ++ in the old system may very well inherit a B or a C. In reality, there is no objective reason to panic. If the grids were reset, it was because for some appliances, for example refrigerators and freezers, everyone got at least an A, and the most virtuous, a triple A.

Save money with recent devices

What you really need to know is that your devices that are 10 years old, or even 20 years old for the rugged ones, consume infinitely more than their counterparts today. And even if it is not obvious at first glance, for a large family, replacing an old washing machine with a brand new one saves almost a hundred euros in electricity savings per year.

In other words, the new device pays for itself in 3 or 4 years, and then it saves you money. By buying the device with a 0 or 1% credit over three years, it’s almost a blank operation: the electricity savings made will be used to repay the monthly payments.

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