A path to avoid re-containment and Benoît Hamon among environmentalists. The 6 p.m. of February 10, 2021 from PolitiqueMatin.fr – EconomieMatin

A path to avoid re-containment and Benoît Hamon among environmentalists. Back to the political news of Wednesday, February 10, 2021.

Gabriel Attal evokes “a way to avoid reconfinement”

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal said Wednesday February 10, 2021 after the Council of Ministers that if ” the situation remains fragile “, it was possible to draw three lessons, including one to avoid a potential third confinement.

There is a way to avoid re-containment. This path is not wide but it exists and we would be wrong not to do everything possible to achieve it. This supposes to follow and maintain with the greatest attention, the propagation of the variants. ”

Benoît Hamon joins the list of environmentalists for regional

The former presidential candidate Benoît Hamon, joins Julien Bayou’s environmentalist list for regional elections in Île-de-France. The main party confirmed the information to the Parisian, Tuesday, February 9 in the evening. He will therefore be in second position on the Yvelines list.

Benoît Hamon, who presents himself with his Generations movement, explains his choice not to follow the left-wing lists ” Even if I have a lot of respect for Clémentine Autain (head of the LFI list) and Audrey Pulvar (head of the related PS list), it is Julien Bayou, who (…) best embodies the level of requirement and ecological and social emergency to which I aspire for our region.

The mayor of Trappes attacks Professor Didier Lemaire for defamation

Following the words of the professor of philosophy Didier Lemaire who affirmed that the city of Trappes had sunk into radical Islamism and that for having defended “republican values” he had been threatened and put under police protection, the mayor of the town announced to file a complaint for defamation.

Ali Rabeh, the mayor of Trappes reacted live on Cnews Tuesday, February 9, 2021, denouncing lies and untruths: ” Didier Lemaire told a number of lies, a number of untruths. To tell that in Trappes, there is no mixed hairdresser, it is factually false! There are four mixed hairdressers in Trappes. (…) Didier Lemaire’s information is grotesquely false .

Sciences-Po director announces his resignation after the Duhamel scandal

The director of Sciences-Po school, Frédéric Mion has announced that he is resigning from his post. Frédéric Mion gave in to the pressures that had been exercised against him since the start of the Olivier Duhamel affair accused of having abused his stepson when the latter was 14 years old. Although he denied having been aware of the actions of Olivier Duhamel, Frédéric Mion will leave the management of the prestigious IEP in Paris.

In his resignation letter presented on Tuesday February 9, 2021, Frédéric Mion explains the reasons for his departure: “ Our house has been going through a very painful period since the revelation of the serious accusations against Olivier Duhamel. Since that day, all my decisions have been guided by the desire to protect our establishment, its employees, its teachers, its researchers and its student community from this affair in which they had no part.

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