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It wasn’t that long ago that it was commonplace to wear a T-shirt or jacket with an American flag on it. On scooters and motorcycle helmets, the Italian flag looked chic. And Mini drivers taunt other motorists with Union Jack styling lights, when it isn’t painted huge on their roofs. But that was before.

The French flag in the spotlight

Today, it is more and more common to find products with a small or a large tricolor, or better yet, featuring the national colors. Just yesterday, I bought one of my boys a beautiful blue white red polo shirt in a supermarket.

We can only rejoice at the fact that the French flag is fashionable, and that it allows certain products to be distinguished from others. It would still be necessary that the highlighting of the national colors be consistent: in other words that the product in question is actually made in France. And this is unfortunately quite rarely the case.

Buy made in France

In recent days, a petition launched by former Minister Yves Jego has called for reserve the use of French flags to only products actually made in France. A measure that already exists for processed foods, and allows consumers to buy 60% of “made in France”.

If the French also bought 60% of clothing made in France, the textile industry could create more than 100,000 jobs in France in a few years. If you are interested in the petition, you can find it on change.org, “Protect Our Products”.

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