A sea of ​​Trump supporters beset the Capitol: Chaos, violence, and mockery

“Sea of ​​people” supported Mr. Trump besieged the Capitol, Congress continues to consider approving the election results

“Where are they?” a supporter of President Donald Trump questioned the crowd of dozens of people walking down the hallways of the Capitol, holding Trump flags and banging on the door.

A member of the US Congress raised his hand when the police were on a mission to suppress the crowd of protesters at the Capitol on January 6. Photo: AFP

Group of people flooded into the conference room in the Senate

“They” are understood here as lawmakers, officials, and others – hiding under tables, bobbing at the blockade points to pray and feel the imminent division of the country. force.

According to the Associated Press, the gun was drawn and a woman was shot dead inside the Capitol on January 6. A flag representing Mr. Trump’s side is hung on the Capitol, while inside the tear gas and the glass shattered.

A crowd of protesters supporting Mr. Trump on January 6 took the chair of the general meeting in the Senate, the office of the House of Representatives and a podium in the Senate, where one person shouted: “Mr. Trump has won that election “.

Crowds mock the leaders, posing for pictures in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office, one man resting her feet on Nancy Pelosi’s “steel dress” desk, another sitting in the Vice President’s chair Mike Pence just a few minutes earlier Mr. Pence also presided over the proceedings to confirm the official electoral vote results.

President Trump told the crowd at Ellipse Park south of the White House fence that he would travel with the crowd to the Capitol, but in the end Trump sent off the protesters with rhetoric.

“If you don’t fight hard, you won’t have a country anymore,” Trump said. “Let the weak go out,” he called, while asserting: “This is the time to need strength”.

Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, told the crowd of protesters: “Judge by fight.”

US Congress returned to consider approving the election results

Authorities in Congress eventually regained control as night fell and resumed the review process for Joe Biden’s electoral votes.

Armed force with heavy weapons was dispatched and reinforcements started using tear gas and coordinated to move people toward the door. Video recorded at the scene showed police letting people calmly walk out the door of the Capitol despite riots and vandalism. There are about a dozen arrests made within hours after authorities regained control. A woman was shot in the chest inside the chaotic building and, despite being taken to the hospital, the victim died.

Some people inside the Capitol soon found trouble outside the window. Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips in Minnesota noticed that Trump’s supporters had grown shortly after Trump spoke to supporters at Ellipse Park and provoked their dissatisfaction about the November 2020 election in which he thinks he has won.

Vice President Mike Pence said there was no right to unilaterally reject voters

Vice President Mike Pence earlier made President Trump angry after asserting on Jan. 6 that he had no right to reject the electoral votes – which would make Democratic Joe Biden the second President. 46 of the United States, at the same time dispelled Mr. Trump’s hopes that the Vice President might somehow find a way to put them in office.

Vice President Pence, who was under intense pressure from Trump and his Republican allies to reverse the results of the election, issued a rather lengthy statement expressing that a vice president cannot make a declaration. “unilateral authority” overrides the states’ electoral votes.

“After some consideration, my judgment is that my oath of support and defense of the Constitution does not allow me to declare unilaterally the right to decide which electoral votes should or should not be counted,” Pence wrote. in the letter to members of the US Congress before presiding over the joint session of Congress.

The moment that best reflects the dramatic split between Mr Trump and his once staunchest lieutenant, Mike Pence, was when Vice President Pence issued a detrimental statement to Mr. Trump shortly after he arrived at the Capitol to examining the electoral ballot results and even in the midst of President Trump expressing hope with thousands of supporters gathered near the White House that Vice President Pence could reverse the election results.

“If Mike Pence gets it right, we will win the election,” Trump told his supporters. These people then paraded through Washington and overflowed into the Capitol.

Back in the White House, President Trump resented his deputy on Twitter: “Mike Pence did not have the courage to do what should be done to protect the country and the Constitution, giving opportunities to the The state certifies a series of revised numbers, not the false or inaccurate numbers they were previously asked to certify. ” “America demands the truth,” Trump added.

The legal attempt was unsuccessful and with no other option, Mr. Trump and his allies spent days in an effort to convince Vice President Pence and his supporters that the Vice President has a veto. voting results that the electors in battlefield states supported Biden.

Mr Trump’s rage risks affecting Pence’s carefully programmed political future, as Pence is aiming to run for the White House in 2024 and relying on his years of loyalty to Mr. Trump to makes me stand out and be welcomed by the public As for President Donald Trump, even after his office, Mr. Trump is considered the real leader of the Republican party and a figure that has a great influence on American politics for many years to come.

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