A tip for buying your Easter chocolates without breaking the bank

This weekend, it will be the second Sunday of Easter confined. IN 2020, confinement caused a collapse in sales of chocolate eggs and rabbits: – 27%!

It’s time to stock up on chocolates for Easter

For this year, all manufacturers, industrial as well as artisanal, hope to see the market rebound. Nevertheless: the peak of sales will obviously take place today Friday April 2, and tomorrow Saturday.

All chocolates that have not been sold in the next 48 hours are almost lost, for traders.

So let’s be pragmatic for two minutes. Many of us have to be careful at the end of the month, even more so at the beginning, moreover, when all the credits have not yet passed … We obviously all want to please the children. And we don’t like waste.

A tip for paying less for chocolates

So I say, for the egg hunt, why not proceed in two stages? Mark it Sunday, with a big egg, or a big bunny. And Monday, come on refuel at the supermarket or at the local chocolatier. Everything will obviously be sold off.

Now, of course, if the prices of eggs and rabbits are already slashed today, do not shy away from your pleasure: refuel.

Happy Easter and see you Tuesday!