A weaker-than-expected decline in economic activity in January – economy

Sharing good news once in a while doesn’t hurt. Know this, despite the crisis we are going through, there is a silver lining in the economic activity front.

Relatively small drop in GDP in January

The patient “ France is adapting to the unprecedented and infernal situation we are going through. In the month of January 2021, GDP, the French gross domestic product, that is to say all the wealth produced by the country for a month, was down 5% compared to January 2020.

You will tell me, economic activity is declining, and it is -5%. But we are very far from what happened during the first confinement, or even, last October. The impact of the curfew and health measures is real, it forces tens of thousands of businesses to close, it prevents hundreds of thousands of employees from working, but after all, the decline “is only 5%. “

A rebound in activity expected as soon as health measures are lifted

These figures come as a surprise to economists: they expected the decline in activity to be stronger. Moreover, in the forecast chapter, economists are unanimous in announcing a spectacular rebound in activity, as soon as the health restriction measures are lifted.

If you can’t wait and struggle any longer, take these statistics for what they are: good news, heralding better days, hopefully, sooner rather than later.

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