A week of paid vacation offered by LinkedIn to its employees

LinkedIn has decided to offer its some 16,000 employees a week of paid vacation to avoid burnout and recharge their batteries, while a majority of the employees of the social network are teleworking.

LinkedIn, like many companies, has adapted to the new health standard and implemented teleworking. The professional social network, owned by Microsoft, plans to return to the office in September depending on the health context of course. But then again, employees will be able to work from home half the time. And LinkedIn is doing everything possible to accommodate the needs of its employees: organizing days without meetings, workshops to help employees say “no” to managers… And paid days off!

Telecommuting, a new way of working

The company has thus offered a week of paid vacation to the majority of its employees from Monday.We thought it would be a good idea to give our employees another week of paid time off, not only to avoid the risk of burnout, but also to show them our gratitude. », Explains Teuila Hanson, director of human resources for LinkedIn at CNN. There will only be a handful of employees left to ensure continuity of service, and they can take time off a little later.

Avoid burnout

The company did the same in December, offering a few days of paid vacation to its employees. The HRD then noted that they were back in better shape, which is good for productivity. If LinkedIn is planning a return to the face-to-face office, other companies have decided to completely embrace teleworking, as is the case with Twitter, which has extended it indefinitely. An initiative that is easier to implement in digital companies than elsewhere, but it is a sign that teleworking is becoming more and more natural.