A works loan to finance the construction of a swimming pool: is it suitable?

An above ground swimming pool in the garden to take advantage of the beautiful summer days? Or an in-ground heated pool to relax all year round? Depending on their aspirations, means and desires, we will not all have the same pool budget, which can vary from 1,000 euros to over 100,000 euros.

So, to build your swimming pool, do you have to finance it via a work loan? Is it suitable and what are the other possible credit solutions? We take stock …

Know your pool budget

There are many solutions to equip yourself with a swimming pool at home. Big or small, the good news is that prices have fallen overall due to increasing demand and increased competition.

The above ground pool

You can opt for an above ground pool of different types:

  • Tubular or freestanding swimming pool: it does not require any work but only a flat surface, can be taken out in summer and stored in winter, there are some very satisfactory ones for 1000 euros on average
  • Above ground steel or wooden swimming pool: round, octagonal, oval or even rectangular, it needs to be installed on a concrete slab or a suitable coating to support its weight and that of the water, prices range from 1 500 to 15,000 euros

The in-ground kit pool

Here, the pool is placed in the ground, we speak of an in-ground or semi-in-ground pool depending on the aesthetic choice and the constraints related to the land:

  • Installed by you: count from 7,500 to 15,000 euros depending on the model, time and a lot of elbow grease
  • Installed by a professional: count at least 15,000 euros, prices may increase depending on the configurations

The inground or inground pool

The top of the range swimming pools, and obviously the most expensive. The ranges are numerous, from the inexpensive concrete block swimming pool to the projected concrete swimming pool, it will cost between 15,000 and 50,000 euros as a general rule.

Finally, the luxury indoor swimming pool, in a room specially equipped for this purpose, will quickly increase your budget to 75,000 euros and more.

Loan works for swimming pools at less than 75,000 euros

In terms of credit, projects of less than 75,000 euros fall under consumer credit. The work loan is indeed a consumer credit, said to be affected, since the bank knows exactly what it is going to finance (the swimming pool, its fittings and ancillary equipment).

Thanks to the work loan, you benefit from an attractive interest rate, provided you take it in the short term. In fact, the more the loan is spread over time, the higher the rates. You can also have some convenience with options such as modulation or suspension of deadlines if necessary.

Good to know : for small projects for less than 5,000 euros, consider an unallocated personal loan or revolving credit, which is easier and quicker to implement.

Mortgage loan for swimming pools at 75,000 euros and more

It is possible to finance your swimming pool via a mortgage for large-scale projects. So that the mortgage is possible, it is necessary that the swimming pool is buried or dug. Indeed, it thus belongs to the “frame” and is considered as an inseparable element of your house.

If your swimming pool costs only 50,000 euros but you want to create an additional outdoor space such as a veranda for example, it is interesting to turn to the home loan to bring the two projects together.

The advantage of mortgage credit over consumer credit is its rate, which is generally more attractive, but also its greater flexibility. You will also be able to pay your installments over a larger number of years, so as to reduce your monthly budget.

Good to know : real estate credit, like the credit allocated to works, also allows you to benefit from guarantees concerning the release of funds. A problem with the builder? A work stoppage? You only pay the credit on the amount that has been released upstream.

Compare pool credits to make the right choice

In order for your swimming pool project to be as profitable as possible, it is necessary to know the amount of the work. You will be asked for quotes to get an affected consumer loan or mortgage. If it is an unaffected consumer credit, you just need to know the amount of the swimming pool and its possible arrangements.

Whatever your final choice, remember to compare the APR (Annualized Global Effective Rate) before you decide. With this in mind, we provide you with a loan simulator to allow you to compete, free of charge and without commitment, between the various credit organizations.

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